See Payee Details + “Add to Payee List” Button for Incoming Faster Payments


Monese has this and its really awesome!

See incoming payments details

That’s a well good idea.


That’s the best idea I have heard here for a long time!

Would be great if it went full on like a phone book, so you could create a new payee or add to an existing.

Come to think of it I would love to see Starling sync with my address book so I can just assign account numbers to my phone contacts, that way things like contact pictures etc could be pulled through…


I only see the account details of the sender if I already have them saved as a payee.


Great idea - I really like that one too.

I’ll make sure it’s fed back to the team and added to our list. :slight_smile:


That is a really good idea!


Hi, We looked into this and data privacy reasons whilst we receive the account number and sort code for in an incoming bank transfer to identify the source of a payment, data protection regulation means we are not permitted to share these details with the receiving customer.

I agree it would be helpful but when it comes to regulations we want to make sure we comply especially when it concerns customer data.

See incoming payments details

Odd. Other firms like Monese include this option which really useful if you need to send a refund. Having to ask someone for their bank details when they have already sent you money is a bit odd.


Don’t Monzo do this? So they’re breaking data protection regulations?


A number of my apps do this, so I would assume it is down to a different of interpretation of the rules.


Yes, Monzo definitely provide bank details of a person who’s paid me. Just checked.


Well, all I can say is that it’s disappointing that Starling have interpreted it in the way that they have…


I can’t comment on whether others are adhering to regulation, but after our own interpretation and as a bank (Monese have an e-money license) we have decided to not share those details as we do not have the permission of the sender.


The bizzare thing is any account holder can request a copy of the transaction details of any incoming or outgoing payment, and would therefore be able to see originating account details plus any intermediary bank data.

I have requested copies of incoming payment data from both RBS and Handelsbanken and both have been happy to provide full data of originating bank, branch and account.


Yes, German banks print this information on statements. Also, I know the Co-op provides these details on its business banking platform. Nationwide weirdly, gives the bank details of DD originators.


Under GDPR there’s a clause governing “Lawful Basis For Processing”- Data can only be processed if there is at least one lawful basis to do so, one of the basis being “the data subject has given consent to the processing of his or her personal data for one or more specific purposes”. I think that the issue is that me sending an entity some money, doesn’t infer that I’ve given permission for my account details to be shared with said entity. If I wish to receive money then I would need to give my sort code and account number to the sending party to enable them to send me the money… all of the other basis include the phrase “processing is necessary”, the inference being if it’s not necessary processing then it wouldn’t be a lawful basis for processing.

NB: I’m not a lawyer, and it could be that I’ve totally misunderstood the sentiments of the GDPR legislation, or I’ve taken it too literally…


If you want to send it anonymously you send it by Western Union where the recipient only knows a transaction reference.

If you send it by FPS or SEPA SCT then your account data is sent as part of the transaction and you can reasonably expect the recipient to have access to that information.

I will now refrain for receiving funds from 3rd parties into this account and have funds sent elsewhere so I can view recipient data.

As part of divulging my banking data I feel I should be able to see where my funds have come from, it is a two way thing, a matter of reciprocity.

If they are not going to reveal their bank data I would not give them mine, just as anonymous caller rejection (ADR) prevents anyone who withholds their CLI (number) from calling me.


You as a recipient have their personal data for the “specific purposes” of being able to refund or return all or part of the received money, and or any other amounts you may have agreed with them before providing them with your bank details. That is a “specific purpose” to me.


You could go as far as saying that data protection regulations are being ‘broken’ in the fact that Starling tells me when one of my saved payees has paid me. What if that individual didn’t want me to know which account that they are paying from for whatever reason? I think the same ‘issue’ lies in what Starling currently classes as being ‘okay’ and what it chooses to refrain from doing due to GDPR.


All or nothing IMO.