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The BP petrol station in my village used to appear as, ‘Baddesley service stat’, on my old bank’s app/statements. In my Amex app when I use my Amex card, the address comes up as somewhere in Wembley, which I assume is their HQ/franchise owner (the actual garage is in Hampshire).

I reported to customer services that it had no logo and was a BP garage. Then the next time I opened the app the logo had been changed to the BP logo and the transaction name changed from ‘Baddesley service stat’ to ‘BP’. This is all good.

I’ve realised though, it has no map location. If I now go to another BP garage in the area that also has no map location then I’ll have no way of telling the two apart. As I’ll just have two identical ‘BP’ entries with no maps.

The same goes for any other chain that doesn’t have location data. This could become a problem.

Is there any way to display the original data on the screen where the map is/would be without spoiling the look of the app? How are the locations added? Is it automatic or a manual process? It’s quite important to know where the transactions took place.

Also, there’s a garage I go to sometimes that’s an Esso petrol station with a Spar shop but the franchise owner is a company called Rontec - which logo is correct? Esso, Spar or Rontec?
I reported it as no logo and they added the Esso logo and renamed the transaction ‘Esso’ - strictly it should the Rontec logo? That’s how the transactions were displayed on my old bank’s statements. How are things like this decided?

Edit: I say this could happen… Upon checking my transactions list for the past few weeks, I’ve got three, ‘BP’, transactions - all three with no map. I know one was when I filled up at the village petrol station this morning. But I’ve no idea where the other two were - other than that they weren’t at my local BP.

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I agree this could quickly become an issue. Personally, I would like a way to see what data actually came through some how (mainly merchant name), which could really help with this. It could be that an (i)/info button be added on the merchant name line that would show a popup with some more details, which would be helpful.


I think being given able to submit pictures or merchant logo on the payment to update with customer sercices.


I would also really like for the raw merchant info to be included somewhere.

This caused an issue recently when complaining to a high street retailer about something. They asked for the store number from my bank statement to help them locate the transaction.

I couldn’t provide it as Starling only showed the brand name. :frowning:


@Ben Maybe like a thing you can press or drill down to show further information of the original raw details.


Missing details/maps are frustrating but I don’t think Starling are hiding details from you on purpose. If that’s all that’s provided by the merchant then I don’t really know what Starling can do. Some transactions on Monzo are exactly the same. Also, if your spending just showed a list of random franchise companies then you really wouldn’t have a clue what you had spent your hard earned on. Brand and exact purchase address with map location would be ideal but I’m guessing it’s not as simple as that. :+1:


An old style bank or credit card displays what the merchant sends - the name, sometimes phone number or postcode/location or their internal site/store number. It’s unique to that individual site as far as I know and is easily identifiable.

Starling and Monzo take that and display it as just the company name with a logo and map. Which is really cool. But if no map is available - you could be in trouble.

In the case of large chains of supermarkets or petrol stations where it’s quite normal for most people to visit multiple branches in a month or a week (or even a day), without a map you’re stuffed.

In the absence of a reliable automated way of displaying the maps on each transaction, there needs to be something to identify which store/branch the transaction was made at.

For instance on my old bank statement I have ‘FOUR ACRES FILINF STAT’, and ‘BP PETERSFIELD CONNECT’ - I instantly know that these are the BP garage on London Road on the way out of Salisbury and the BP garage just off the A3 at Petersfield, respectively. - With Starling and Monzo they may both just say ‘BP’ with no other information and I have no way of telling them apart in the app or on my statement or anywhere.

I don’t think it’s anyone’s fault. It’s just an oversight. But it could cause some people major problems and make it harder to spot fraud on their accounts.

Maybe if you could click on something in the transaction’s info screen to display the original information sent by the merchant?


Exactly. I don’t expect them to do anything special. I just want to see the original descriptor somewhere, as provided by the merchant e.g. “TESCO STORES 3031”.

It was the “3031” that I needed recently but Starling only displayed “Tesco”.


Our team is going through merchants regularly and adding information as we gain it. As you can imagine, there’s quite a lot of them! Sorry if the map locations are not appearing for certain locations - we’re working on that.

I will let the team know that you’d like the be able to see the original data in the app though. Thanks for the suggestion! :grin:


I’ve literally just noticed this second that Monzo already do this - Look at the very bottom of the screenshot. That’s the original information from the merchant I believe. This is all we’d need. As @Ben said, this is also vital when asking for refunds from merchants.

Edit: On Tesco transactions it displays the store number. It matches up with what appears on my old bank statements so I believe this definitely is the original merchant info.


Sounds like you have an addiction to the wild bean café. Cheese and bacon turnover and a large latté please.:wink:

Perhaps the more detailed merchant info, as suggested, could be clicked on etc but the actual brand definitely needs to be used so the logo is relevant and it can be put into the correct category in the spending section.

I wonder if a Starling staff member could confirm what information is actually received? Perhaps the merchant info immediately viewable in the transaction is what it is and the correct/full info, with store numbers etc etc, is then available when the transaction is complete 3 or whatever days later.


I might just start paying for half of the purchase on Monzo and the other half on Starling just to see how they compare.


You’re going to get a bad rep in the area when all the people in the queue behind you start to notice! :wink:


Ha!! Two separate contactless payments are quicker than when somebody uses chip and pin even though you can see the contactless logo on their card. #firstworldproblem


THAT is true @seahorsejockey … Assuming the person/machine serving can switch quick enough between payments!


Just to give this thread a bump…

I think having the raw transaction data visible is pretty much essential until the whole location mapping process is running smoothly. Having to wait a day to get any location information against a transaction isn’t ideal.


It’s pretty essential.

Even when all this is sorted and running smoothly - the old banks and merchants will take a long time (if ever) to catch up and there are many instances where you might need to present the original transaction information.



There doesn’t seem to be any real reason not to have it there?


The raw transaction information must be hidden by Starling to reduce screen clutter. I understand why they are doing this, but I agree that we need this information and an i button on each transaction is the perfect way to keep the main screen clutter free and still provide the background info.

I’d also like the option to add notes and receipts (like Monzo) so it’s easy to recall details if necessary.

Is there away to add my own images to payments receipts too? I know I can for my payees. But what about when I receive money from a friend?


Any word on if this will be implemented?

None of my ATM transactions show correctly (either blank or show Barclaycard HQ), so I really need to have the raw data to see where each withdrawal was made.