Second notification if foreign payment amount changes


I paid for petrol in Spain this weekend at a Revolut busting 1.09 Euro rate. Well…it was on a par with Revolut but they weren’t accepted by the Merchant (win for Starling by my books). Sadly I looked today and saw the rate had been changed to 1.08. Slightly disappointed, although at least you were accepted…and understand rates can go up or down on the eventual rate the merchant processes, but:

*Can you please send a second notification if the payment amount has changed showing both new amount and my new balance?

There is a chance someone could get overdrawn and not even know about it :open_mouth:

I imagine this affects a lot (or all?) of people travelling abroad

Thank you


Good idea! I will let the team know about this one :slight_smile:


Definitely a good idea… Maybe should be along the lines of: Your earlier payment to… is now confirmed at…


Yep agree with all above would be really handy when abroad


Or maybe look into cost of locking in the rate to that on day of purchase, there will be some winners and some losers but should balance out over time