Second account



I was hoping for “Goals 2.0” to come this year with support for automatically ring-fencing income or selecting which goals should be used to pay for direct debits (a concept like this has been mentioned in the past). It looks like this is actually not on the roadmap for 2018.

In the meantime, it looks like for people like me, who don’t want to use the same account for everything (day to day expenses, direct debits, income…) the only solution is to have two (or more) accounts. This is possible with very much every traditional bank, but I don’t think it is with Starling, or at least I don’t see an obvious way, since the app on the phone is linked with a single personal account.

I wonder if this is possible at all? Could joint accounts be the answer perhaps (for example, by setting up a joint account with myself?).

Until I have a way to get access to two accounts, I’m afraid I’ll have to continue relying on a traditional bank for some of my finances.


Unfortunately it’s only one current account per person at the moment!

I did however see @LoganAllan post elsewhere on these forums that Starling are well aware of the wanton desire for further functionality within Goals.