Search Transactions


The ability to search transactions, by location, merchant , amount, day etc would be really useful. What’s your thoughts on this?

Spending page search?

A bit like the keyboard on Monzo


Any update on this?


Hi Joe,
This is definitely something we are considering soon, especially as those of us who have been using the account for 6+ months have quite a long transaction list now!



That’s great, Ben! Looking forward to it.


Search facility will bring a smile to my face.


Do you know when this could arrive? my transaction list is getting big now :slight_smile:


Definitely a featured i’d like to see. Reluctant to spend to much through Starling because it’ll get fairly difficult to find a specific transaction after a while


The way “M” implemented search is superb.


Search would be great.


Any update on this? Ive got a lot of transactions and it would be very useful feature for me.


Any update on this @sarah.guha it would be really useful.


Yes please an update on this @sarah.guha


Unfortunately I can’t share anything just yet. It’d be great to get your thoughts on the search functionality you might need?

In contrast to the detail search functionality (or filters) that Monzo provide, we have been considering a universal search for the whole app (much like on the Apple OS) which would include transactions in the results. That way, you don’t need to set and apply the filters but our search finds the transaction for you. That works well if you generally search by merchant…

What do you typically search your transactions by? Do you generally know the amount you’re searching for, do you know the date?

Can you tell me about your use cases when you need to search for a transaction?


I generally only search by company or name. Occasionally I may search by date or a date range, for example if I know something went out in a particular month or a week in a month etc.


I’d like to be able to search for example: All Direct Debits, All Transactions for A Specific Merchant, All Transactions for a Specific Date, Transactions relating to certain categories. If it was possible I would then like to be able to search for transactions which fit into multiple categories e.g. a DD on the 10/10/17 etc


I would like to be able to search by location, multiple categories, such as merchant name etc


I tend to search by approximate amount, e.g. between £5 and £10 if I can’t remember it exactly. I often also search by company name.

What annoys me about my current bank is you can only search 90 days of transactions at a time, so if you don’t find what you want you have to alter the search period and try again.

I usually know the payment method too, e.g. DD so use that to reduce the number of results.


Hi @sarah.guha like the idea of universal search for the app would suit my needs the way I search for items.


To be fair I would be happy with universal search.