Scheduled Standing Order UI


Noticed a small UI issue to be resolved in the scheduled payments section
Under one payee, you have multiple accounts
Eg: under ‘Name’ you have a Barclays and a NatWest account both labelled as such under the one payee.

When payments are scheduled regularly to two of these accounts under the one payee it displays in scheduled payments under the payee name only without the individual account name so it is unclear which one is which.

Simply resolved by adding the individual account names underneath the main payee name in the scheduled payment screen.

(Edit: I moved it back to Bugs - I wasn’t providing feedback it’s a UI usability issue as you cannot determine which account it is within the Scheduled payments screen or by tapping on the reference unless you enter the account name into the Reference which is a workaround not a solution)


I agree. On my business account, where making payments to HMRC for various taxes, there are different account numbers and sortcodes, but I can’t see which is set to be paid, at a glance.


I’ve discussed this before. On Android it does actually show the specific account, I’m guessing you’re on iOS?


This is something I mentioned a while ago too.