Scheduled payments


Would it not be better, when, setting up a scheduled payment for a future date that it was shown in the scheduled payments section of the app as the name of the payee or company, rather than the reference number?


Thanks for this feedback! I’ve passed it on to the team just now. The “Upcoming Payments” screen is definitely going to have some updates soon to make it more suitable. :smiley:

Check out this thread, you might find it interesting!


Random question. When you set up a scheduled payment is it a standing order or is it a scheduled payment? Are they even different things?


They’re both, Andy. The DDs are usually set up for you. Standing Orders tend to be initiated by you. You can see which is which, of course, by opening an individual transaction.


I would love more frequency options. I get paid on the last working day of the month but currently I can only set a specific day and have it recur monthly. I would love options such as ‘last day’ ‘last weekday’ ‘first weekday’ etc in order to be able to automate everything! I did have my goal transfers set up for the first day of the month but I end up manually moving the money as I’m OCD and can’t bear it in my balance for a day or two when I know it’s for other things!


I asked the question and was told that if you schedule for the 31st it would go out on the last day of shorter months.

I haven’t been daring enough to try it though in case it fails due to trying to transfer before my wage gets credited. :slight_smile:


Interesting - I’ll ty it for July (earliest 31 day month) and update!! I still would prefer a last working day option because if the last day falls on a weekend then I’ll get paid before the last calendar day on the last working day and will subsequently still have the cash in my main balance longer than my OCD likes!!!