Scheduled Payments Processing Times


Can anyone please tell me when scheduled payments normally get processed and leave the account. Will it be quicker to execute a faster payment or do scheduled payments leave just after midnight on the new day they’re supposed to leave or do they get processed later on in the day.



In particular I’d be interested to know if standing orders leave on non working days?


They get processed at 00:30 in my experience, but if you don’t have enough funds at that point, tgell wait until you have funds and process it as soon as you do, with a cut-off point of 4pm. Scheduled and immediate payments are all Faster Payments, so there is no speed difference.


In my experience:

  • Faster payments are credited instantly
  • Salary (and similar) are credited soon after midnight
  • Direct debits are debited soon after half-past midnight
  • Scheduled payments and standing orders are debited soon after 1am


That has been my experience as well. My Direct Debits go out at 00:30 and Standing Orders at 01:00. Inbound BACS usually clears immediately after midnight.


Yes as others have said:

  • Faster payments apply to your account when we receive them
  • Direct credits are applied right after midnight (to ensure you have any money you are receiving before we attempt to deduct payments out)
  • Direct debits are first attempted around 00:30. If you don’t have enough money, we send a push notification to advise you to fund the account before 4pm if you want to make a payment. These notifications are sent in the morning so we don’t wake you up!
  • Scheduled payments (standing orders) are first attempted at 01:00, again we notify at a sociable hour if you have insufficient funds, and we will make the payment if you transfer money into the account before the end of the day

Scheduled faster payments work 7 days. The BACS scheme for direct debits and credits only processes payments on working days so will you not receive or pay these at weekends.

Hope that answers the questions!