Scheduled payments from goals


Many people have requested direct debits from goals which I’m sure is being considered but as an interim solution, could scheduled payments be enabled from goals to our main account? I know that every month a bill comes out on the 5th so I set the money aside on payday and schedule it to be returned to my main balance on the 5th to cover the bill. It can already be done into a goal, why not back the other way? Could also be used to help people budget on a daily/weekly basis by drip feeding funds.

@Kris what are your thoughts?

#2 gives you 25 unique IBANs for this purpose, but to be really the best current account I believe Starling should allow us to bind:

  • direct debits
  • standing orders (a.k.a. scheduled payments)
  • merchants

to a chosen ring fenced goal/pot without the need of having subaccounts, and configure or modify this with very simple interactions.


This is something I suggested ages ago and was told it would be put on the internal ideas list.


This is a great idea, and sounds easy to implement, you can already schedule a payment in, so would not be too much of a problem adding a single or multiple scheduled payment out.


Yep - a payment “in” with a negative value :slight_smile:


@Daesimpso could another way to do it be as a temporary goal payment? I want to move £25 from my main account into my bills goal until the 5th of June at which point it moves back into my main account to cover my bill. That way it’s 1 action rather than 2 (1.move from account to goal, 2. Schedule back into main account.) Boomerang payments.

@Kris is this a short term possibility? Seems simple enough in my head but I’m sure there’s probably challenges with it from a technical point of view?


I get paid on the last day of the month and all my Direct Debits are set to go out on 1st. Nice and simple :slight_smile:


some people would say you are losing on interests


I remember some recent talks about IFTTT integration coming very soon but I only found this ancient thread

alternatively you can write your own script using Starling’s public API


Yes, I’ve considered that. The fact that all the funds in my account are available to spend as I please from 2nd outweighs the few pence I would earn in interest. For me anyway :slight_smile:


This seems like the obvious and most simple answer to me!


Not if you have Direct Debits with companies that won’t change the date.

The majority of mine go out on the 1st, but there’s a few that won’t let me change the date.


I’ve played around with the API a bit, and have come up with a roundup script, but I’m waiting for Web hooks to be made available for personal access tokens before getting really stuck in.


Can you send it to the starling Devs? :joy: