Scheduled payments from goals to main pot


Just a thought and I’m not sure if it’s popped up somewhere else here but…

There has been a lot of talk about DD’s been set to come out of a set goal which I quite like the idea of, but what about giving the functionality to have scheduled payments from a goal to the main account. I think this would actually work better for me for bills. Currently I have a goal for bills that I move all my bill money into on pay day so that whatever is left is what I have to spend. I then move the money manually back the day before it’s due which works but would be so much better if it was automatic. I could have the auto payment into my ‘bills’ goal on pay day and then a series of scheduled payments back throughout the month to cover my bills. The reason this works slightly better for me I think is that I have a number of bills that aren’t DD’s but instead are card payments so would probably be tricky to work out how to send that payment to the correct goal. Just a thought and I hope I’ve explained what’s in my brain ok!!!


Here is a thread I started on this topic some time ago.

Starling (@jamespratley) said they’d add it to the internal ideas board


I guess you really need both things. For DDs in general, a scheduled move of money wouldn’t be good enough, because the amount might vary from month to month - so it’s much better if the DD comes straight from the Goal pot. As you say, for card payments, that won’t work.

But how about this – maybe card payments could be pre-arranged to draw from a particular pot, according to who is being paid. So card payments for Bills could come from the Bills pot. Card payments at my Local could come from my Entertainment pot…


I already suggested that last year, but haven’t heard anything from Starling. I’d like it as I have some monthly recurring card payments that I’d like to come from a bills pot (along with all my DDs)


Theoretically as every merchant uses different merchant codes depending on their type of business perhaps you could set up a fast food Goal and all fast food coded purchases come from that Goal. Though it would be quite complex as for example fuel dispensers with a kiosk for payment do have a different code from automated fuel dispensers, so if you want a Goal for fuel it would need to tie up with 2 codes. As you see, the more you investigate possible solutions the more complex things become!


That’s running before we walk though in my opinion. Simply being able to schedule moving money from a goal to the main pot is a fantastic start. Using merchant codes to assign to a goal is something I don’t see happening anytime soon whereas scheduled payments from goals seems to me to be something that would be relatively easy to implement