Scheduled payments for Payee with Multiple Accounts Issue


When you set up a scheduled payment to a payee with multiple accounts, it is not possible to see which of these accounts the payment is going to.

When I go to the scheduled tab of payments, it only shows the payee name, and not which account it is going to. This makes it hard to know if you’ve set up a payment to the correct account. Once a payment has been made, it shows the account info in the transaction history, but until then you just have to pray you set it up to the correct account.


I have 3 set up for HMRC, I’ve just changed the name on each so it shows which account its going to, for example HMRC Self Assesment, HMRC VAT, HMRC Tax Credits. It then shows in your transaction feed which account it has gone to.


@Logan Are you on Android or iOS? On Android, I can see which account the payment is going to.


I’m on iOS. I can see the payee in the ‘scheduled’ tab, but it doesn’t show which account for that payee.


Yeah, on Android the account name appears after the date:


That would be perfect. It just shows the date for me on iOS. @StarlingSupport is this just something that was forgotten on the iOS app?


Hi @danmullen - Do you have multiple accounts set up under the same payee?

Or have you got a different payee for each of your “Dan Mullen” accounts?


All these HMRC accounts are to the same bank account, just different references, this is on android


It seems it’s the text displaying the account name after the date that’s missing on iOS. The payment below is to our joint account, but there are 2 joint accounts (Halifax & Starling) set up under the same payee.


From this (or even going on to the details of the payment) it doesn’t show which account it’s going to.


@nickhoward yeah, I have three accounts under my “Dan Mullen” payee - one for Nationwide (in the screenshot), one for my joint account and one for my business account.


Huh, I hadn’t even noticed this in my own app.

I’ll chat with our iOS wizards and see what’s going on :+1:t3:


Thanks, hopefully they can fix this in the next version.