Scheduled payments disappeared


Just saw the behaviour in the app where all of my schedule payees disappeared (DDs/SOs).
This persisted whether connected fully to internet or not.
Only after killing the app and relaunching did they display properly again.
@starlingsupport is the dev team aware of this and has it logged? It’s the kind of beta behaviour that needs sorting before a full
Public launch!!


I found they dissappeared after an app update (Android ver) so I went into chat to tell customer services but they loaded up while I was in chat, just really delayed in loading. It was disconcerning to see them missing, and a HUGE relief to see them reappear!


Thanks for flagging this @Brad_T - I can see you are on iOS, and a few of us have not been able to replicate this.

Are you please able to send me your device, iOS and Starling app version details?

Feel free to message me directly if you don’t want to share it in this thread - keen to get this fixed.


@patrick iOS team is aware of this issue, but it was never replicated in the wild before
To replicate it, you need to know the issue exists, know exactly what is not working correctly and have a specific device state.
It’s purely a UI refresh problem, no data loss involved at all. I am going to fix this in the near future.


For me, it would be best if the loading of data was done in a particular order with important data like goals loading prior to less important data such as payees or help. It is reassuring, as suddenly seeing your goals (with the money in them) missing can be traumatising, even if technically it is still there!


Hi Brad,

this issue has now been fixed in iOS release 0.50

You can use PullToRefreshTM at any time, even from an empty screen and force update the list of scheduled payments.