Scheduled payments bug (Android)


I’m trying to set up some future dated payments to go out on payday but it won’t let me because I don’t currently have the available funds. I haven’t had this problem in previous months. :thinking:


Not that it will answer you question, but I was able (on the Wifes account) to setup about 8 scheduled payments into goals for the end of the month, and there was not the balance available to cover any more than one of them at the time.


@Ben10 Thanks for flagging this! We’ve made some pretty major changes on payments behind the scenes, which seems to have introduced this bug. I’ll have someone look at it ASAP.


This bug is also still present in Goals. I reported it a while ago:

Actually, just realised that something I pointed out as a bug 15 days ago (and someone else reported it 22 days ago) you’ve ignored and then implemented it for the main payments screen and now broken it. That’s pretty disappointing after I already pointed it out as a bug and you’ve steamed ahead anyway.

How on earth could this scenario have been forgotten in the first place?


ah, that might explain why I could add lots of small transactions for the future then.


Great stuff, thank you :+1:


Hi @Chalky - we certainly haven’t ignored your feedback on the issue with scheduled payments to Goals, when an issue or bug is raised we create a ticket and it is then reviewed in our prioritisation meetings and added to our in progress list.

As @kjersti.larsen mentioned whilst we have been making changes to our payments implementation these fixes have been logged but it makes sense form them to be completed once we have merged other new changes.

There are lots of moving parts and the team here are working hard to manage priorities. This means some fixes are prioritised to be completed right away whilst others might be addressed after some current in-flight work. We appreciate your understanding.