Scheduled Payment notifications


I’ve noticed that scheduled payments out of Starling (like a ‘standing order’ rather than a DD) don’t have the same warning when there’s not enough funds to cover it.

I generally keep my main balance low and have money in goals, when I get the DD notification I’ll quickly move money over but for scheduled payments there doesn’t seem to be any such prompts so it could have been missed without my knowledge and no mention of it in the transaction feed.

I think this also adds into a wider issue where notifications once sent via push are no longer visible once cleared accidentally - reversed transactions and the like are just removed from the transaction feed as well. It would be nice for notifications to feature as items visible (but removable) in the transaction feed so I can keep track of things that are going on.


I agree. There needs to be a notifications screen in the app where you can read messages in full or revisit previous messages.