Scheduled Goal Payments Stopped Working



I set up a simple “Daily” payment into a goal, but with no notification, these seem to have stalled.

On Friday (18th), the payment went in as normal, on Saturday (19th) there would not have been enough funds in my primary balance to make the scheduled goal payment. On Monday (21st) I added to my primary balance and since then there has been plenty of funds to allow the daily payment to take place but the scheduled payment seems to have stalled.

  • The last payment it made was on Friday (18th).
  • I received no notification when it was unable to make the Saturday payment.
  • Rather than ask me what to do, it seems to have just given up, despite there now being plenty of funds in the account.

Here are some screenshots I’ve just taken (on 23rd):

It’s still saying “Next Payment Date: 19th May”!??

What’s going on here? What should happen if a scheduled payment can’t be made?


Hi @jcwacky, This looks like a bug, when we found you haven’t had enough funds we have not retried and resumed the payment. I will get someone to take a look.


Hi Sarah, I had the same issue wansn’t too importance for us hence not reporting it but if you need further info check our account.


Hi @sarah.guha, can I just check, should I be expecting someone to get in touch with me about this? Or has the bug been identified?


Hi @jcwacky - we’re aware we are not handling retrying payments once a scheduled goal contribution has failed due to insufficient funds. I have raised a ticket for this functionality to be added to the app. So, no we shouldn’t need to be in touch with you. Have you been able to successfully re set up your goal contribution for now?


Hi there @jcwacky,

Just a quick update that this is now fixed. If you have a scheduled Goal payment due and you have insufficient funds you will now be sent a push notification to let you know and tell you to add money to your account. The scheduled payment to your Goal will be retried the following day and then the schedule will resume.

Let us know how it goes for you.



Looks good. Are there two spaces between the name of the goal and the text “was unsuccessful…”?


I had an extra space after the name of my Goal. I checked that too!