Scheduled Downtime (Cards)


In case anyone hasn’t seen the note on the Starling status page, there will be another Saturday night scheduled downtime from 00:00 to 02:00 tonight for cards/payments. Some of the other Fintechs actually sent push notifications or more explicit comms.

Open question to the folks at Starling, given the demographic using challenger banks and other innovative Fintech companies, isn’t this a rather unusual time to select for a scheduled outage when many may be out and/or travelling home relying on cards.

I know it is down to the provider - GPS - but I’m still amazed that between Starling, Monzo, Curve, Revolut etc there isn’t enough leverage to challenge the choice of timing. The only explanation I can think is GPS is in Dubai (where it’s first/biggest clients are).

In Dubai the outage would be 4-6am, which is a much more common ‘dead time’ for processing companies to plan for downtime. Just interested to hear from Starling if this is the reason and why there has been no ability to influence the choice of day/time?


So did Starling:

I thought the timing was odd too, like you say people coming home and also recurring payments that are taken from Debit Cards (Netflix, etc) are often done in the early hours of the morning and are therefore going to fail.


I’m sure this exact topic was discussed the last time GPS wanted to update their systems some weeks back. I think the view was that there was no good time.

I’m just amazed at how many times GPS update their systems but it still fails?? Why don’t they do a decent update and think more for the future?!


I owe Starling an apology - just scrolled back through my notifications and there was one, but sandwiched between a load of Twitter updates. In any case still curious about the timing. I’m sure it must be because GPS does airports and malls in Dubai.


GPS have offices in the UK. Starling even sent engineers to help them.

Plus the company I worked for supply them IT security. They have a few choice words to say about some things :eyes: