Schedule withdrawal from goals


Like most people, I’ve been paid early this month. My plan was to move my wage into a goal and then withdraw it on normal pay day. However, I’ll be flying on pay day and can’t guarantee I’ll get access to move my money. This means I can’t use goals as planned as if I can’t move money back my DDs may get declined.

Although DDs from goals would solve my problem, I’d like to suggest scheduled withdrawals as a feature.

Scheduled payments from goals
Automatic withdrawals from Goals
Scheduled payments from goals to main pot
Reverse Goals (scheduled withdrawals into account)

I would like this also…

To avoid the last-week-before-payday blues I put an amount away in a goal every time I get paid and “release” my weekly food allowance back from the goal every Friday. If that could be scheduled that would be lovely.


Great idea @Daesimpso - as we grow Goals out this is certainly something we can explore. I’ll make a note of it on on internal Trello ideas board! :slight_smile:


I’m currently using monzo for something similar (my highstreet bank can’t do automated transfers daily), would love to be able to do it internally on just the starling account, I have a scheduled daily payment to starling with my daily disposable income, anything left over goes into a goal at the end of the day, ready for the next day’s allowance


Move your money back just before you fly?


That’s a consideration, but all it takes is a lack of mobile signal, phone damage or some other such issue and all my DDs will bounce.

The point of the post was to suggest a feature and a scenario where it could be useful, rather than seeking help on my particular circumstances.


Agree this would be good. The option to apply rules would be great too. E. G. Transfer from rainy day goal if overdrawn. Transfer x from y goal if direct debit for z is paid and amount is over £xx.xx


This would be really useful for me too. The ability to have money moved from goal in time for a direct debit is exactly what I was trying to find in the app this afternoon. Now I have to either keep the money out of a goal, which could mean it is spent, or remember to transfer the money out of the goal in a couple of weeks time.


+1 on this!

Goals are great but at the moment assume you are saving for a one-off purchase. I’d also use them to put money aside so that I can stagger my expendable income throughout the month.

Currently this would mean manually withdrawing an amount each week and so instead of doing this (and keeping the money in my Starling acocunt) I have to have a weekly direct debit from my old bank account.

P.S. I love the fact that the overdraft only kicks in when your entire balance (including goals) is below £0. This is 1 up on Monzo who charge regardless of your pot balances. I’ve taken advantage of this by setting an “Overdraft Offset” goal and put some of my savings in it. Now I can easily see that I’ve spent more than I should (by having a negative balance) but I don’t inccur any costs :slight_smile: .


+1 for this too.

I do just as ‘dullage’ does:

“Goals are great but at the moment assume you are saving for a one-off purchase. I’d also use them to put money aside so that I can stagger my expendable income throughout the month.”

I transfer money out of main account once paid. Then transfer money back each week to cover general costs. Why do I do this? If I don’t I’ll just spend the money (it is a joint account too). The temp account also accumulates money to pay for annual costs such as car insurance.

Now starling have joint accounts I was close to a full ‘family’ switch as I am sick to death of not being able to pay payees without having my HSBC secure key. But without being able to transfer money from a pot/goal on a scheduled basis back to the main account I can’t as yet switch…