Say hello to Community Tags! 🏷


Hi everyone!

Here’s a quick update on a little change we’ve just made on the Starling Community…

First off, I want to say a big thanks to @Oliver_Wright and @LoganAllan who are now working with me on the Community to answer your questions, share updates and more. They’ve certainly made this into a better place to visit, if I say so myself! :tipping_hand_man:t2:

As I’ll be taking off at the end of next month to head back to uni, I wanted to make sure I spend some time making the Community an even better environment for you to share feedback, have your questions answered and see updates about Starling.

A key part of creating that positive environment is making sure that it’s super easy for everyone to find the what they need, in a jiffy. So, we’ve decided to add “Tags” to our Community.

These can be added and seen by anyone and are a way to organise topics across the community without closing them off into a certain category. Up to 6 can be added per topic and they are clickable and searchable.

You’ll notice we’ve not backdated these to older topics, but we will be adding them as we go. So bare with us on that one!

The tags we’ve created already are:

  • Each area of the app (Pulse/Feed, Spending Insights, Payments, International Payments, Goals, Card, Account Management, Marketplace, Customer Service, Travel, Settle Up, Notifications)
  • Each account type (personal, joint, business, sole trader)
  • Each operating system (ios, android)
  • One for our systems in the backend (platform)

We don’t want to create too many, but do welcome any suggestions you may have in the future. Looking forward to sharing some more exciting updates soon!

Thanks! :robot:


Hello community tags :wave:t3:


Is thread thread going to be tagged robot ;)?