Savings account recommendation


Hi there!

Today I switched to Starling from First Direct. Seems the switch went ahead without any issues.

Still waiting on my overdraft to appear but other than that all is good.

I am just wondering whether anyone here could recommend an online saving products. I’ve looked at Atom but are there any others.



Welcome aboard. Nothing too exciting out there right now but for ease and a competitive rate, Atom is up there.


The Atom rates are good, but you have to lock money away. You can get 1.25% with Ulster bank with instant access if you need it.


I recently moved my savings from Barclays to Ford Money ( They seem good so far but there is no mobile app unfortunately. :neutral_face:

Ford does have a UK banking licence and FSCS protection though. I also like how they are transparent about how they use your money (it’s used to fund Ford Car Finance).

MSE ( is a great place to compare products.

If Starling launch savings, I will probably move my savings to Starling. :slightly_smiling_face:


I am only using Tesco saving as they have an app at the moment.


Thank you all for your help! I shall look into your suggestions and let you know which one I choose.


If you’re not in a hurry, it might be worth waiting until Monday and seeing what @ben.chisell has to say?


Try RCI Bank - better rates! plus I work there :slight_smile:


Virgin Money are pretty good; although they don’t have an app the webpages are formatted so they work flawlessly on a phone. Also it’s worth setting up an account if you live near a Virgin Money lounge.


Really useful info, guys.


Thanks guys. Definitely looking into Virgin Money’s regular saver with easy access. :ok_hand:t2:


I have the defined/fixed access with Virgin myself, their customer service is superb. :slight_smile:


Atom’s rates are great, but their app is absolutely appalling (I’m a customer!). I’ve given up with the app, and will just wait for my email to tell me my 2 years is up.

Virgin are good, I have a joint savings with the Wife, and as said the customer service is really good, but the rates less exciting.

I saw that they are also launching a current account next year (they have a basic one now but are looking to launch a decent one).

I’ll look into Ford Money though, thanks!


RCI Bank check them out for savings!


Like you, I’m an Atom customer. The app is extraordinary, isn’t it?

Saving (!) grace is their rates which are always up there with the best. I’m not surprised - their overheads must be miniscule :smirk:.


Yes I agree, it’s only the rates that save them. Their app is designed for a child (probably why it will never let me log in), and if they’ve invested more than £50 in developing their app they were robbed.

Hopefully Starling get some savings providers in the marketplace ASAP, it’s what people expect from a banks well certainly me. A regular saver and general savings would be good, but with some decent ish rates if there is such a thing these days. Perhaps Atom could link in? Atom’s rates in Starling’s app would be ideal.


Now that’s a idea :smiley:.


Like you I have also moved to Starling from FD

I have also used Atom Bank and recently cashed in my savings account

Unfortunately I have been very disappointed with Atom as I have been waiting for the promised current account for a year now

Starling, when I first read about it, was and is the Atom bank that I was looking for a long time ago and so here I am

I would recommend taking a look on the MSE web site for its advice on the best savings accounts

Hopefully Starling will take onboard its customers request for a practical savings account that can provide a reasonable interest rate without having to lock in for years at a time


There has been a lot of talking from the fintech community with ‘our current account is coming soon…’ but very little substance. Starling are the exception and have put up a half decent full current account and hats off to them.

Atom, Monzo and Tandem seem to have taken an age to get anywhere if at all. Atom and Tandem have given up, Monzo May have something next year, after some veiled hopes it may have happened fully this year. A current account launch is so far a very slow release of preview accounts.

Next year could be interesting with Virgin also allegedly opening a more fuller current account they have great customer service and actual stores. They could be a decent competitor, they already offer overseas free cards, with a flat £1.50 withdrawal on cash overseas which may be a more sustainable model longer term.

Everyone will have to up their game to compete. Should be good for customers.


I got an invite for Tandem today. Tried signing up using the e-mail address I used for the waiting list… not recognised! Great start!