Saved Payment References


Hi, when I edit the details of a saved payment details I get a message which says “When you make a payment we will set the reference to the last one you paid with” under the heading ‘Previous References’.

I have deleted the saved references of “Paid With Starling” so the only saved reference for my credit card company is my credit card number.

However, every time I go to pay them the payment reference on the payment screen says “Paid with Starling” and I can delete this and manually type in my credit card number.

Am I really OK just to ignore the fact it says Paid With Starling and Starling will set it to the one I last paid with (i.e. my credit card number)? I’m just afraid my payment will disappear in to the ether as the screen suggests something different. Guess I will just try!

Payment reference not retaining

If you leave it Paid with Starling it will end up appearing as that the other end, at least it did when I used it.

Personally I wish there was a way to add/delete/edit references per payee.


Hey Nicholas,
The experience you’re having doesn’t sound quite right.
I’d expect you to see only the saved reference(s) when paying a payee. The default “Paid with Starling” can be removed by going in to edit the payee.
If you tap into the reference field you should see little tabs with other previously used references:

If you’re having a different experience, can I ask you to get in touch with CS via the app so we can look at your particular account?


Not what I see here at all:

Clicking ‘edit’ on the payment screen just lets me edit the text shown, there’s nothing to pick from.

Can you fwd this info to the necessary team, as one screen says one thing, and the other screen says something different? I’ve always paid using my credit card number as my reference, I wish the Starling free advertising didn’t overwrite it!


@StarlingSupport can you please look into why the above is happening?


Hey @Nicholas - I’m going to send you a PM quickly and see what’s going on :slightly_smiling_face:


Theresa May in a cab!


My payment reference is not retaining in the app and I am having to enter it manually every time. Which is rather long winded when paying my credit card. I can normally enter a reference once and it can be used another time to make a payment. Is this maybe an issue, as I am currently using starling on iOS 12 beta 2?


This could definitely be due to iOS 12. @LoganAllan ?


@Callum should I be asking you?


I’ve been dealing with this with @Nicholas via the app. It seems you’re both experiencing the same issue.

@Gallifreyangirl - I’m going to start a ticket and message you in the app to get some more information. If it is the exact same as what Nicholas is experiencing, then I will add it to the same bug report