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Are there any plans to support Samsung Pay?

I much prefer Android Pay - but I also often like to use my Gear S3 watch to pay with Samsung Pay if I’m in a rush and at a self service till.

I’m sure Samsung would jump at it and speed things along as they’re pretty desperate with only four banks and one credit card company on board at the moment! Plus Starling could then say it supported all the phone payment systems and would get their logo on Samsung’s website, which can’t be a bad thing.

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Samsung Pay, Apple Pay and Android Pay are all based on tokenisation technology which means once you support one it’s not that difficult to support the others. That said there is some implementation required, so it’s a matter of priorities. I would highly expect it to be supported eventually, though I have no idea why Samsung launched a competing service to Android Pay when they sell Android devices.


I think it’s because they were trying to move away from Android at one point. Talking about releasing phones with their own OS. They hate not having full control and using an OS by a company they see as a competitor.

Hopefully they’ve realised they’d end up like Windows Phone if they tried it and have abandoned their OS plans (Tizen?).

The only reason I have Samsung Pay installed is so I can use my watch to pay. I have Android Pay set as default on my actual phone then obviously Samsung Pay on my watch - they happily co-exist.


I think the Gear S3 actually runs the Tizen OS which is why it uses Samsung Pay instead of Android Pay?


Tizen isn’t actually a Samsung project, however they are working with Linux Foundation on it, the Gear S3 does run Tizen Wearable OS though.


It does indeed. But they wanted it on phones and everything.

I believe their TVs run it too.

Their long term plan was to move their phones from Android to Tizen, they were kind of separating and duplicating stuff that Android already did I guess to get people into their ecosystem first.

They must have realised that it’s hopeless by now?

It would be a real shame if they were still pushing for it. Ultimately, unless it was somehow so amazing different and had Android levels of support from the get go, it would make me dump Samsung phones.

Any long term Android user will remember how painful it was in the early days - with the rubbish app store and hardly any support from major players? Imagine choosing to go back to that?

Imagine being a Starling or Monzo user having to worry about Android, iOS and then Tizen parity?


I’d love to see Samsung Pay added. I’ve become quite used to quickly paying with my Gear S3. It’s the only reason I haven’t pulled the trigger on a full current account switch. Starling does have a lot to offer and the early adopter in me is itching to ditch my old bank, but I’d rather not have to shell out for an Android Wear replacement watch to keep the convenience of wrist based payments.


Well, the Huawei Watch 2 was on sale so I switched and I’m switching from Nationwide. I’m weak :joy:


Also just to get it noticed and considered for the future - Fitbit have just launched their new Smartwatch - the Ionic with their own ‘Fitbit Pay’ service that banks will need to sign up to.

As it’s a platform independent watch (works with iPhone, Android and even for the three people still using Windows Phones) it could do pretty well.


I am slightly concerned about the number of ‘Pay’ technologies now cropping up, it’s going to get progressively harder for banks to support all of them, meaning my tech choices may be dictated by my banking choices, which is not something I am totally down with.

I think for the time being, as they are growing, Starling have to concentrate on supporting the technologies that will benefit the highest proportion of users. I get that is why ApplePay came first.

To be totally honest, Once AndroidPay support comes, I would prefer to see Starling hold off on the rest of the payment market until it calms down a bit, as with Apple and Android pay, every Starling user will have the ability to use at least one device based payment platform. At that point resources could be used better elsewhere.

(But maybe I am just biased as I have a Galaxy smartphone and want Android Pay to come online!)


It’s nice to see that I’m not only one that desperately hoping for support of Samsung Pay. I even thinking about opening other (third) bank account since not even my main bank supports Samsung Pay yet, even though they supposed to start supporting it.
One thing is that Samsung Gear S3 is from my point of view the best smart watch in the market and Samsung Pay is only way to pay through it. The other even a lot more important point is that Samsung Pay works with all card terminals through the MST. So Samsung Pay is contact less even if shop haven’t got any “contact less” payments available.


I would rather Starling develop the already provided services, than waste time on a niche product such as Samsung Pay.


Yeah I agree. Android Pay is already available and that works for all NFC Android phones, including Samsung.

A very small userbase will use Samsung Pay.


What does Samsung pay offer that Android Pay does not? genuine question, as i’m iOS


I think it’s ability to use Samsung Watch with pay I think


You obviously didn’t read my post, so here you have it explained in details -

Or maybe you wasn’t able to read what I’ve written, so in that case here you have short video that answers exactly your question :wink: -


I think what your saying is you can use Samsung pay anywhere even if contactless is not available. As there is a pulse that emulates a magnetic strip.


Yeah, you got it. Simply said you can use Samsung Pay in places that you can’t use Adroid or Apple Pay.


Aww I see useful for android users but not for me on iOS.


To be fair though, the magstripe is disabled in the UK and most of Western Europe (except under certain rare conditions) so that’s pretty useless for us. I can see the point if you travel to a more backwards country (like the USA) where contactless isn’t everywhere like it is here.

I basically want Samsung Pay because I have the Gear S3 watch. If it weren’t for that then I wouldn’t even give it a second thought compared to Android Pay.