Salary Name Incorrect


Had first salary paid today. Amount ok, reference ok but payee is just ‘C’.

Have spoken to employer and they confirm payee name would have been my company name.

Any ideas why this has happened?

Obviously not ideal going forward if each salary payment has ‘C’ as the payee!


I would suggest you contact Customer Services and they can look into this for you.

My salary is credited each month along with my employers name and company logo. So I am sure CS can fix this for you. It’s also important that your employers’ name appears correctly on your bank statement - that’s a legal document.


I have done so but the response is it’s your employer’s fault. I have seen the payment made as it has company name on it yet in my feed it just says ‘C’.

Not very helpful so far! :worried:


I am assuming your previous banks’ statement showed your employer name correctly? If it does, then I would suggest this is something Starling CS need to look further at. And agreed - not very helpful indeed.

However if your previous bank also simply displayed “C” on your statement then it would point to your employer having the issue. The fact that you’ve raised this issue here would indicate your previous bank named them correctly.


Yes my previous banks’ statements had the employers name on, so I really think it is a Starling issue.

Hope they will be able to sort it - At least on the positive side I still got paid :stuck_out_tongue:


Always useful to be getting paid - especially just before a super-long bank holiday weekend!

If you’ve not already done so I would reopen the case with Customer Services - this is definitely a Starling issue - they need to look at this again. My guess, for what it’s worth, is this is associated with the clever shenanigans that go on behind the scenes to provide enhanced metadata to the app experience (things like a nicely formatted business name, map, and graphical logo). Sometimes things get a little messed up - hardly surprising given the complexity. I am sure this is fixable. But don’t let them fob you off.

Maybe someone like @Patrick could step in and help…?


Thanks for flagging this. Of course we can review and fix merchant names when required.

I’ve looked at this, and learnt we are in the middle of making some platform changes, so there will be a delay before you see any corrections in app.

Sorry if we told you the wrong thing @wrnc7.


How will it be corrected? Will you contact me for the correct name? @patrick


Hey @StarlingSupport are you able to update the logo used for my salary? It should be the the one used on Twitter: @RCIBS not @RCIBank :smile:


Resolved :ok_hand:t2: