Rounding debits up to and donating


I’m sure you have all seen the amazing Bradley Lowery in the news recently. A boy who kept fighting even though he knew he was going to die. A real inspiration I think to everyone. His parents are setting up a foundation in his name to help other children that need to raise funds for treatment that isn’t available in the UK.

I’m going to set up a standing order or DD for £12.25 (a significant amount) every month but…could a foundation have use of the Starling Bank API to round a transaction up (>80p) to £1 and take the difference? So…I spend 81p in a shop, this foundation, for example, takes 19p?


Absolutely we really hope charities build off our API’s allowing customers to make contributions –it’s a great idea.


This is a great idea. Nice one!


If it’s easier to set up a “charity pot” which the money goes in to then you can just use that pot to divvy out the money