Ring-fence Money for Bills / Show Total for Scheduled Payments


Unsure if this has been suggested elsewhere in the community or if the app has the functionality and I’m not using it right.

It would be good for your scheduled payments to have a total and have them as a commitment. You can then plan what you have left to spend, also would be good if the app could know your pay date and say you have x amount left until you get paid.

Again unsure if this is planned, available already or already mentioned in another post, so apologies if I’m going over old ground. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


We don’t yet have these in app, so all good suggestions. We’ve talked a lot about understanding committed spend and being able to intelligently take this out of your available to spend. Now we have lots of customers will DDs and Standing Orders this may well be prioritised on our list.

We’d welcome more feedback.

You might find this thread interesting Smart Balance


Thanks :pray: good to know that it’s something being considered for the future. Love the app, have set up some standing orders and my salary is being paid in, however keeping direct debits with my legacy bank, transfer the funds and forget about them.

Looking forward to seeing all the developments this month (mainly goals). :grimacing: