Reversed transactions notifications: Display transaction date



Would it be possible to include the date of the original transaction in the reversed transaction notification?

Currently, it tells you the original amount, but not the date, and if you’ve made multiple similar transactions at the same merchant over different days it’s not clear from the notification which one the reversal is for, so it can be harder to identify any issues.

It’s obviously not possible to find this out in the app, as the transaction in question will have disappeared.

So, instead of:
Your £50.00 transaction at Tesco was reversed by the merchant

Could we have:
Your £50.00 transaction at Tesco on 10th May 2018 was reversed by the merchant

If possible, it would also be nice to know if the transaction was reversed, or whether it effectively just expired after not being confirmed for 7 days.


Until reversed transactions show in app, not sure there is any real benefit, although I would like the idea to see the original date and reason. Especially as I will often purchase from the same retailer more than once in a few days.


Just jumping on this post as well:

Do you think we should try and implement it now or after we release a ‘notifications hub’? I think it might take up a good bit of space on the current system


Presumably the planned “notifications hub” will be able to display extra info about each notification, e.g. the associated transaction’s date? Which would avoid needing to add it to the actual notification text?

Happy either way really. As reversed transaction notifications should be relatively rare, I don’t mind if they’re a bit more verbose than other notifications, but equally happy if this is left as something to discover after tapping the notification as you probably wouldn’t need to always know the date.


Cool beans, I’ve added it to the list. I’ll chat to product and see what we can do :+1:t3:


Personally, I would prefer reversed transactions to stay in the original transaction feed but updated to a value of £0.00.