Reversed Transactions - 3 issues


So i’ve had a couple of transactions reversed and retaken. 3 issues…

1)I hate how inaccurate it makes everything for example telling me i’ve spent on the card today or on different dates when actually it now a week out. Whats even more confusing is i know i did it the same date as something else and these are now over a week apart on the statement - in reality these were minutes apart.

  1. The original transaction & and refund are wiped? - and i’m left with a transaction on a random date and there’s no trail. So initially say i buy something on the 1st and it shows up on the 1st. Then its refunded and then its taken again. But i only have one transaction on the statement and its not on the 8th.

3)Notifications are weird around this. I noticed it told me it had refunded a transaction and also a few days later taken again (iOS). One i have viewed on of these notifications it deletes them without pressing x or deleting - they just are not visible again. Whereas i can go in notifications and it will tell me about other transactions - so it will tell me about something yesterday or a week ago and everything in between - just nothing relating to the reversed and taken again transaction which it deletes out.

Makes it really odd and difficult to follow.


Sorry about this Lee. Updates to these have been suggested already and are on the list! :slight_smile: