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Forgot to mention this a while ago but I had a transaction that wasnt claimed from the company for over a week. because of this I got a notification stating that the transaction was reversed by the company. This left a few questions, when did I put the original transaction through because it disappeared from my transaction feed and what was going on with the transaction? was it cancelled or did it drop off because they took to long to take it?

Starling customer service had no idea why it was reversed and advised me to contact the company. I contacted them and they said it was not reversed and that they will be taking it. I kept the money in the account for it but it was a bit of a grey zone.

going forward it would be good to have a notification stay in my transaction feed that shows me it has been reversed this would serve as a good reminder that I need to leave money in to cover it and avoid potential overdraft fees.

it would also be good to know for future use how long do starling keep pending transactions pending? with my legacy banks its 4 working days for domestic and 10 working days for international is this the same for Starling? If starling did implement a note on the feed for reversed transactions it would be useful to contain this information in my transaction feed for reversed transactions? :+1:

Reversed Transactions - 3 issues

I agree that reversed transactions show show on your feed. Otherwise how are you to know if there is an issue with the transaction as it disappears before your eyes.


I would maybe suggest a pending transactions category with a footnote reminding the user of the transaction date and now long before it either confirms or expires.


Sounds similar to this?


not really, this sounds like an actual refund, where you have returned an item. The issue i am refering to is where the item drops of the feed because the merchant has taken to long to claim it.


Sorry - just re-read and I understand now. I’ll feedback to the team about this. :slightly_smiling_face:

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