Reversed by the merchant



I woke up to find a few Starling notifications see the screenshot below…

Any idea what’s going on here?

These transactions have disappeared and money is back in my account. All of these were made about 4 to 5 days ago.


A similar issue happened recently when a major payment processor was having issues; (the one the stores use and not Starling) essentially after seven days or so the fees are released from a ring fence and back to the account.

Sainsbury’s and the other merchants will claim the money that they are owed back so make sure you’ve enough money in your account to cover these expenses when they finally are taken.

@StarlingSupport any ideas or knowledge of any issues regarding reversals recently?


Hey @Ali

Did you use a Curve card?


Is there a known issue with Curve currently @LoganAllan?


I had the same this morning for Tesco and I did use my curve card


Yes I just checked these were done via Curve.

Is there a problem with Starling/Curve? By the there are more transections which were also with Curve around the same time of these but have not been reversed and I used Curve with other cards and none of them have had any reversal.


We’re looking into it, I’ll be able to update you once I know more


Thanks Logan for looking into it. :smile:


Any update on this @LoganAllan


Same thing happened to me, though I was using Google Pay on my phone. Co-Op reversed a £6 payment and then took it back a few days later. It was very confusing at the time.


Curve has identified that a certain acquirer they use is having a small issue at the moment and this is why the funds are being reversed and aren’t being claimed.

They’ve let us know that they’re working on it with MasterCard :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks @LoganAllan but just curious that it only happened with Starling + Curve combination all other work just fine.


They didn’t provide us with much info on that


Cheers mate. Appreciate on following up on this.