Reverse Goals (scheduled withdrawals into account)



I came up with an idea when saving up and budgeting - Apologies if this has already been brought up (Admins feel free to close topic if that’s the case)

Goals in general for me is AWESOME and has genuinely helped me save a lot of money.
The ability to make multiple sub accounts, name and picture them has made moving my money a lot simpler.

A feature that would at least work for me would be to add a schedule withdrawal to goals. This way i could add money to it with the intention of slowly allocating my money back daily so i know exactly how much i can spend a day.

For example if i had 10 days until payday and had £200 left.
I could put that aside into a goal and schedule a payment of £20 a day to come out until the goal is either empty or i cancel the payments coming from it.

Picture it like grown up pocket money that you give to yourself.

Hope that makes sense! :grinning:


Nice. Impressive bio, by the way…:grinning:


Here is the thread I started on this topic



No worries i’ll have this one closed down -
+a like on your thread hopefully its a step towards it being but into action.