Retailer Declines


I thought it might be a good idea to have somewhere we can place issues with retailers so that the starling team can see them in one place :slight_smile:

Obviously people should also log with support so they can feedback and resolve the issues.

I have had declines at

McDonalds - Parkgate Rotherham
Pay at Pump - CostCo Sheffield Petrol Station

Sky Bet "Can't Accept this Card"

Aviva Car Insurance for me, wouldn’t accept it as a MasterCard Debit


Nando’s Takeaway (online)


I posted in another thread about Costco - they assure me they have made the necessary amendments to their systems. I managed to use my card in the Oldham store yesterday but the petrol pump at the same location declined it.

I’ve signalled it to Costco’s brilliant customer service dept however I gather pay at Pump is a wider issue still ongoing? That there are still issues at the likes of Morrisons and Tesco?


Nando’s Takeaway :rooster: - well we can’t have that!

@Beth_Abbott in our card ops team will be able to follow up on some of these for you. Pls do make sure you log them via customer service though as that is definitely the best way to get any specific account or card issues logged and resolved.

Sky Bet "Can't Accept this Card"

No problems at Tesco pay at pump for me but declined at Morrisons.
But I got only 1 notification for £1 at Tesco Pay at pump…


Same for me :slightly_frowning_face:


Tried to pay my credit card mbna by my card to pay part bill wouldn’t let me declined for mbna


I’ve had issues with the council paying the rent. I presume this could be due to MasterCard Secure not being set up. As my mothers Mastercard Debit (Virgin Money) worked fine but it did have to go through MasterCard Secure


Hi all,

Tesco Pay at pump, Sainsbury’s Pay at pump and Asda Pay at pump should now all accept your Starling card. We are still working with Morrisons and Costco so will keep you updated.

In regards to the £1 transaction and notification when you pay at pump, this is expected. The merchant will do a pre-authorisation of your card for £1, which will come through as a transaction immediately. Once you have filled up, the merchant then posts a presentment for the amount. Your transaction notifications are triggered on the pre-authorisation and so for the later presentment of the amount you spent we don’t currently send you a push notification.

Petrol Pay at Pump £1 Authorisation

This is the clearest (and fullest) explanation I’ve seen across the various forums. Nicely done.

Some of these sticky issues will be helpful if posted /stored in a FAQ section, if you know what I mean - somewhere new members can be pointed to. (Apologies if that’s already a runner😳)


Thanks for the concise response, and as Graham says the best reply seen across various forums when people have asked the same question.

I think a FAQ for new members of Starling would be a good idea… :slight_smile:


Sarah, when you say you don’t send a push notification for the presentment, do you mean at all? When the final value comes through a day or two later, is the original amount updated or does the original amount get credited and a new transaction appear?

I’m keen for everything to come through as a push notification (even if a day or two later) so I can maintain my external budget properly.


The original transaction will be updated. Good feedback that you’d prefer push for everything I might start a new topic for that.


Hi Sarah, any news on MasterCard SecureCode (like Verified by VISA) as it’s making a few important online payments decline (insurance, rent etc)


Costco would be great as I couldn’t get through check out the other day. Didn’t realise as literally everywhere else I go takes Mastercard debit.


Dear all - not wishing to make others jealous (!) but my card worked today at Oldham petrol station after they promised they would update their BIN database for me (they had previously updated the store as I advised here on a previous post). I asked Costco in my Facebook messenger thread if they could give timescales for other parts of the country, referencing this thread BUT I would advise anyone who is still having trouble with Costco to contact them directly via Facebook message - once I did this they updated my local store and petrol station (Oldham) very quickly to be fair. Just make sure you specify petrol too as it has to be done separately from store it seems. They are very good on their Facebook messenger at actioning things though and keeping you updated. I have already sent my thanks and compliments.


Dear all - further to my post of last night, another reply from Costco Customer Service on Facebook Messenger:

Hi Simon, the BIN range was added to all our systems last Thursday so the cards should now be working in all warehouses. -

So there you go… would be interesting to hear feedback from the forum… maybe just take another card too just in case?!


Great job, Simon, how about a Starling Roving Reporter role?


Leisure Centre membership in my local authority is outsourced to Debit Finance (DFC) based in Milton Keynes on 01908 422007 and they do not yet recognise Starling’s sort code for direct debit.