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I am interested in opening up an account with Starling. However, whilst I understand the objective of a bank account being controlled by a mobile device and the appeal it has for many of its users, I believe that restricting access entirely to smart phones can cause unnecessary inconvenience at times when it may be more comfortable to use a tablet or a desktop computer. N26 also provides access to their users bank accounts through a web portal despite being a mobile only bank. I believe giving users at least that option can add great value to those users who, at that time of the day are using their main computer or tablet, they are able to access their accounts. This is especially the case if one is intending to use Starling bank as their main account.

I am really interested in opening an account with Starling Bank as they appear to be overall best bank out of the challengers. But my suggestion which I am sure will bring value to many of its customers is to make the app compatible with the iPad or launch a web app that would allow users a bit more flexiblility in how they can access their accounts and which devices they use.

Thank you very much for reading my suggestion

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