Request / Collect Money / Split Bill


When out for dinner in a large group and it comes to paying the bill, we know how difficult this can be… it would be great to have a quick and easy way to do this, like sending a link to contacts and they pay via card into your Starling account.

Swipe Transaction to split

If they end up supporting PayM, won’t that be good enough? For me it’s more about being able to show the flow of money in a meaningful way (e.g. show the corresponding outflow, reduce the amount shown on the spending tab, keep track of who owes you what)


I don’t think PayM is as good as say I think it would be great to have something similar. Have you used


Of course I totally respect your views on it, we can’t all want the same thing :smile:


No hard feelings @Joe_Merriman, don’t worry!

I have used, indeed. Problem is that, at least in my group of friends, all (minor) debts are settled through PayM as it’s bank-agnostic. is really cool if everybody has a Monzo account but we’re quite far from that for now.

In that sense, I don’t feel that developing or whatever will help. People will still be looking for the easiest way to do something; nobody will prefer to input all his card details when he can just scroll through his contact list and click twice or so.


Fair point, maybe PayM is the way for now.


@Joe_Merriman you seem to favour a type solution over PayM. The only thing I can see that is advantageous is that invites the other parties. Not much functionality over sending a message manually.

PayM is available to millions of people already.
Uses faster payments just by having the mobile number of the payee.

One thing I will accept is that the UK banking industry has been terrible at promoting PayM.

What do you see as the advantages of over PayM?


@Jon I’ve never used PayM myself, and Nationwide never advertised or made me aware of the feature.

I like how on you can add notes to what the payment is for, alter the amount you are asking for etc. I just think it’s a slick option and works well.

However I can totally see your point.


Best solution would be to be able to split a transaction and then depending on whether the other user is a Starling client or not, offer to either send an sms or an in-app message to the other user for the owed amount. And then be able to note how any incoming PayM corresponds to an outflow in order to accurately track category spending.


This may have been suggested before. It would be useful to be able to swipe on a transaction (like you can on an email) choose split, and then pick the person or persons to split the bill with.

The other person / persons clearly need a notification to approve the split before the money comes out of multiple accounts.


tapping may be easier than swipeing for those with dexterity problems?


So, splitting transactions has come up before… It’s a great idea! :slight_smile:

I also like your idea of swiping on a transaction to launch an action, whether it’s splitting the bill or something else (maybe start a new thread for that alone :smiley: ).


I think this has been mentioned as something that would be a useful extension to Savings Goals - if they become more ‘Money Pots’.

So, set up a ‘Pot’ for whatever you’re splitting. Then through a type of interface you can get people to pay directly into that goal/pot to make it easier to track who’s paid (rather than trying to spot each payment going into your main account).

You can even go further - and have the app have access to your address book on your phone so when you setup the pot you can then also text everyone who’s due to pay into it with a link to the (mobile friendly) ‘’ page.

Maybe, and I’ve no idea if this is feasible, Starling could do something wizzy with PayM and ‘’ payments into pots so you setup the pot, text everyone due to pay into it and the text says to either pay directly following the link or pay via PayM if that’s setup and Starling can then match up any PayM payments received from someone text’d and pay it into the correct pot as well?


I think there is a lot of merit in what you propose.

However I wouldn’t trust a text or email sent to me from the ether (an organisation I don’t have a trust relationship with) saying pay via this link. So some thought would be needed.


I went out to dinner with 20 people last night. We all ended up paying separately - no issue.


I would also assume that if you set this up, you’d probably also talk to your friends to let them know and to tell them to expect a message from Starling?

Actually - the text message itself could be sent from you. So the Starling app just drafts the text message which is opened in your messaging app to send?

There’s plenty of workarounds (the most obvious being just pay individually!) and if I went out for dinner with 20 people, I wouldn’t volunteer to pay the bill and then get everyone to pay me back anyway!

One of the pub chains (Youngs) has a ‘split the bill’ app where anyone who has the app just types in the bill reference number and it shows the whole bill and you can then select what you had and pay for just that through the app. It’s quite funky.

Going much much further, if Flux in the marketplace roll out into other restaurants that could be something handy for that service.


Hi, I searched. Surprised its not been suggested.

In the pay menu we have the regular payment bit, the pay someone bit…what about a request payment feature? Perhaps one with a request date that will push the request to them on a specified date…

So for example I booked three flights knowing…friend A can’t pay until end of November and Friend B will pay me back in March (I know!!)

Or…say I lend my sister a couple hundred quid and request payback for start of month when I know she is paid…


There’s been a couple of suggestions that Starling implement a ‘’ or ‘’ type solution, an example is here:
Request / Collect Money / Split Bill

I’d definitely like to see a function over PayM but PayM would be a start!


Yeah, I guess paym with request dates is good.

Only thing I don’t like about was when I received money the transaction was a load of random characters… But I haven’t used it in ages so maybe that’s changed…


When I used it, it displayed the reference I’d set unless the other person changed it

Worked really well with my Mum and Sister because up until 2 weeks ago, they didn’t use Online Banking!