Report Starling account closure to credit bureaux


Hi, i had a Starling account from May to late Oct 2017.

I’ve noticed that despite closing the account it is still showing as open on my Credit Reports:
Equifax account still shows as open.
Callcredit account still shows as open.
Experian strangely the account doesnt show under open or closed!

appreciate that usually takes a month or two for the info to filter through but i would expect that the account to be showing as closed by now.

Any ideas ?

Report account closure to credit bureaux

Thanks for letting us know @Neil_P.
This doesn’t sound normal.
Are you please able to send us an email to so we look up your account details, and see what happened?


Starling don’t report to Experian.


Callcredit uses Equifax data hence them showing the same info.



I’ve just checked my credit report on Equifax and it seems like my Starling account is still listed as open on there, despite the fact I’ve closed it:


“NR” stands for not reported.

In comparison here’s a Nationwide account closed around the same timeframe:


“S” I assume stands for settled, and it does indeed say “Closed 15 June 2017” in the detail view.

Would it be possible to amend this? I can provide more details in private if needed, but my email address on here is the same as my Starling account so you should already be able to look me up. :wink:


I’d definitely raise this directly with CS.


According to CS, the account has gone overdrawn due to a transaction presented after I’ve requested it to be closed. I’m happy to settle it but I’m surprised I have never heard anything about this - I would’ve expected an email or something.

On the other hand, it’s surprising that despite the account still being open they have not reported this “default” to the credit bureau either. I guess my account is in an inconsistent half-closed state.

I guess I’ve hit some edge case but hopefully Starling will learn from this and make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else. :+1:t2:


Good comment, @Rjevski, any learning gained from this forum is very important.


Another chap had a problem I believe closing his account recently over a circa £2 outstanding charge? Maybe Starling hasn’t actually considered the possibility people want to go the other way (I.e leave not join!). :see_no_evil:


I’ve seen that post as well and it was a bit of a different issue - in his case he used CASS to switch away which means any future payments to his Starling account number would automatically be forwarded to his new account, preventing him from paying off the outstanding balance easily.


Thanks for raising this with CS @Rjevski.
We need to spend some time understanding what caused this.
We’ll come back to you directly on Monday.


My wife used switching service and moved her Starling account to first direct. She checked her credit file… Starling reported that her account is still open… she switched 3 months ago…


Sorry to hear this @Mogolent.
If your wife hasn’t already done so, can she please contact CS directly? That way we can identify the account, and fix what may have not worked.


After being in touch with CS here’s the story:

The account wasn’t fully closed because an offline transaction from Ryanair presented after I got e-mail confirmation that the account was closed. I’m actually surprised this is possible, and it leaves me a bit concerned - what happens if my card was skimmed and someone goes on a shopping/ATM spree on offline terminals - will I still be liable on it until I report it as fraud?

Where I believe Starling failed hard is that I never heard anything about it ever again - no e-mail, no call, no debt collectors (:joy:), nothing.

The other issue is that I’m now trying to log into my account to check out the transaction (as well as get the sort code/account number to pay off the outstanding balance), but given I’ve deleted both the app and the password, I am now locked out. There is no password reset option anywhere in the iOS app. CS assured me yesterday over the phone I’d receive a link, but so far nothing. Calling today they put me on hold and then apologized for technical difficulties - presumably the account being in an inconsistent state is crashing the web interface of the advisor.

Overall I’d still recommend Starling compared to any legacy bank, but this experience leaves me a bit disappointed compared to another fintech I bank with. Probably won’t happen to anyone else but I would’ve still preferred them designing & testing the app with edge-cases in mind before going to production.


Hi @Rjevski,

We’re sorry about all this and we’ve sent you an email with an update.


All sorted, they’ve clarified everything by email - the account is indeed closed and this is why password resets failed. They’ve also written off the outstanding balance which is a nice touch. They are still investigating why the closure isn’t reported to credit bureaux and promised an update.

Overall still satisfied with Starling despite this hiccup - at the end of the day there will always be edge cases but the quick resolution saves it for me (with a legacy bank I’d still be stuck talking to call center zombies). :+1:t2:


Patrick i have emailed customer service 8 days ago as instructed but had no response. please advise.


Nicely put. :grinning:


Thanks Neil, we’re following this up.