Replacement Cards


I’ve started a new topic as I wanted clarification on a post @anne made on another thread, which has been locked.

When ordering a replacement card, for example due to the chip in the old one failing, will the old card remain active until the new one is activated?

I seem to recall a post some time ago whereby someone mentioned they’d ordered a replacement due to a faulty card and the old one had immediately been cancelled.

Now Starling have the ability to overlap cards, will this be process apply to replacing faulty cards?


Yes, whenever I have ordered a replacement myself, banks have immediately cancelled the old, but that seems to be a policy that depends on the bank itself. When they get to their expiry banks seem to allow both for a period, but, in my experience not if you’re the one who actually asks for it.


I’ve only had that experience when a card has been lost. When a card has developed a fault they’ve left the two overlapping.


Right now cancelling the card in the app via ‘Lost/Stolen’ will cancel the old card; this happens even if you’re replacing the card due to chip damage or something along those lines.

The ability to send out a card whilst yours is still active will be used when another issue like Dixons/Carphone Warehouse arrises.

We are wanting to have separate options to order new cards. ‘Lost/Stolen’ - cancels the old card and issues a new one. Then ‘Replacement’ - for any other reason. The name ‘Replacement’ most likely won’t be the actual name for it, I just made it up for the purpose of the explanation.


As i say, like most things old school banking, it does seem to depend solely on what the bank fancies doing on the day. Perhaps i was just unlucky, given the wrong information, or just saw someone in a bad mood. Once a woman actually took the card off me. My then teething husky helpfully had a little chew and the corner had teeth marks in, perfectly usable because she swiped the card to order a new one, but said that because it counted as damaged she had to take it off me… Halifax i think it was.


Odd - my experience was with Halifax and they let me keep the card.

It’s not a massive issue nowadays as I mainly use Google Pay. I was thinking more along the lines of online purchases that require card details entering.


That would be excellent. I’m not sure I could be without the card for too long as I make a lot of online purchases. I also travel a lot for work, so it could be weeks before I get home to collect the new card.

I could use my old bank’s card, but that wouldn’t help that people who did a full switch


That’s completely understandable. There could also be cases like @l8n_me had where the card was viciously attacked.


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Today, and back when the card chewing happened.


Oh, she is clearly very vicious and dangerous! @l8n_me


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