Replacement Card Ordering


I’ve had to order a replacement card, and its saying Your card will be sent on 25th May, does that really mean it takes two days to even dispatch a card? or will the card be there in two days ?




I believe I’ve seen a couple of other similar posts. I think it’s the latest it could be sent but, in reality, you’ll probably have it in the next day or so.


Hi @daedal - our cards take 2-3 days from ordering to delivery, we use Royal Mail which is why we cannot be more specific.

The date we show you in app is based on the time you ordered your new card;

if you order your card between 2am and midnight (day 0) your card will be produced the following day (day 1). Despatched to Royal Mail on day 2 and typically with you by day 3.

Our cut off time is 2am and so if you order your card within the midnight to 2am window it will be produced that same day (day 0). Despatched to Royal Mail on day 1 and typically with you by day 2.

I hope this helps.


Let us know it arrived, @daedal? :slightly_smiling_face:


In my case it actually arrived on the stated dispatch date. So you might be lucky and get it early.


@sarah.guha - Do replacement cards sport the new (2017) MasterCard logo?


They certainly do @Rob :grinning:


…although all art aficionados would unanimously call for the return of the iconic 1996 version.

Official ! :face_with_monocle:


Who am I to argue with the aficionados


That’s what I said…


I’m still confused, I get notified my card is due today but in app it still says its being sent today


Hey, @daedal. Have you got your replacement card? How many days you were waiting? I am still waiting for mine…


It came on the 26th so was 3 days after ordering it.


I’ve still got the old MasterCard logo on my card, old school!