Replacement Card In App Message


I have just received a new card as my old card was damaged. Having activated the card, I receive the in app notification to confirm however the message also includes “ Add funds and start using your starling card”.

I use Starling as my main bank account and the above message seems very out of line with what you are trying to achieve of being a day to day bank rather than just a prepay card to top up and use as spending money or a holiday card therefore I think you should review the card activation message.


“Please ensure you have fund in your account before using your card” may be better, and “Please use a chip and PIN transaction before attempting contactless” is also something many banks will say


@JamesPratley maybe something to look at. I’m sure it’s been mentioned before.


Thanks for raising this @Grant_Graham.

This message is about guiding those new to Starling so they can get their accounts up and running quickly.

We absolutely want customers to use us as their everyday card, which is why the message encourages action. There are so many fantastic features available in our app that we are keen to share; we want people to start using their account immediately so they get to experience a healthy financial life sooner rather than later. :smiley:

Explanation aside, your feedback is really valuable, because it is important to us to communicate this effectively.

To everyone reading, keep the suggestions rolling, as we’ll collate the feedback from this thread to share with the team.


That’s great and I agree with that message for someone who is receiving and activating their first starling card however I think you need to look at your customer journeys and related comms and amend this message to suit the underlying customer better- I am sure as a business you are categorising us in some way.

Have a few high level customer types below and simple message types for feedback.

Message 1- new client and first card. “ Your card is now active, please top up your account and get spending to see the awesome features of your new starling account ”

Message 2- exiting client but no salary/ benefit credits/ direct debits etc . “Your new card is now active so you can continue to use the great account features. Have you considered switching your current account to starling?”

Message 3- existing client with salary & dds - “your new card is active and you are good to go”

As a user, I’d much rather have a more dynamic comms package from starling rather than just a generic one message fits all scenario that we have here. I appreciate this is fairly insignificant at the moment however I expect comms like this to increase as the rollout of the marketplace happens and the in app comms increases.