Replacement card for users involved in breach


I am awaiting a new card as I was part of the Dixon’s breach. It says it was sent on 27th, but still hasn’t arrived.

My question is the confusion caused by the wording in the app. When I go to the card screen it says the card was sent on 27th and has an activate button. Above that there’s an option that says “still not arrived?”. If I click that link it says *this card will be cancelled and a new one ordered".

The question is which card, as the picture of the card has no numbers on it? Will clicking the cancel button cancel my currently working card, leaving me without, or will it cancel the card that’s in the post and leave my existing card working?

I’m working away next week, so can’t afford for my currently working, but potentially compromised, card to be cancelled.


So as it turns out, my card had been delivered in error to another street in my village. It is sent without requiring a signature, so it had been put through the door of the occupier rather than them being asked for a signature (and realising it wasn’t addressed to them).

However, I feel the point of my post still stands; the wording in the app is confusing and a failure to understand what it is saying could result in someone being left without a card (unless clicking cancel only deactivates the “in the post” card, in which case it wouldn’t be an issue).