Replacement card and 🍏 Pay


When the Starling debit card is replaced, will you be able to update the ApplePay card too or will they have the be deleted and added back again?

Some banks (Amex, FD) are able to push the new card as soon as it is issued meaning you can continue to use the card before :snail::email:️


If you cancel your card because it’s lost or stolen, a new card is ordered automatically and yes, it will replace the one you have added to your Apple Wallet – no need to do it manually.


From what I understand how Apple Pay works is that it generates a whole new card that’s stored on the phone (which has its own number and everything), so cancelling a physical card shouldn’t even affect the card used in Apple Pay.


Apple Pay is linked to your physical card.

If you lock your card then Apple Pay will not work.

With Starling, if you lose your card and order a replacement your Apple Pay will be automatically updated to be linked to your new replacement card and will therefore work before the physical card arrives.

Locking a card query

The key thing is that your Apple Wallet is, of course, linked to your real physical card. This is why you have to scan your card when you add it to the wallet - the main difference with our implementation is that we automatically provision the card into your wallet without you having to provide the card number, expiry etc.