Repeated Posts in Starling Community


Can we please add something in the community tips about doing a quick search before posting new topics on things that already have a very active thread about.

This seems to be happening more and more, partly I fear, because people are trying to gain the badges by unnecessarily inflating their thread/post count. If this proves to be the case, I’d rather have the badges removed to be honest.


Nothing to do with badges. It happens on every forum ever created. People don’t search first. Monzo have a team of leaders who tidy things up on their community pretty quickly, I don’t see that happening so much here.


I don’t think it’s much to do with badges, but certainly a good point. I’ve seen a lot of repeated posts!

I’ve added something into the community tips about this…

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


I must Admit I do try and search on forums before posting in here or other forums as it can get annoying when you gave s verbal duplicate posts.


Maybe @JamesPratley Starling should implement admin’s to help clean up the forum or leaders as Monzo calls them?


True sounds bad like a good idea.


Looks good!


Product development is gathering pace and with it, new members. :grinning:

I’ve noticed there are relatively few new issues surfacing but as members are pointing out, they recur largely, I reckon, because it’s quicker to log it than search through the topics.

I doubt this will slacken any time soon. The forum’s expanding.

@JamesPratley currently monitors the forum and directs traffic as well as providing advice. I reckon we’re at a stage where a 3rd party should have forum-policing powers but, as that role will occasionally incur some heat, should not be a Starling employee.

In doing so it would be important to maintain the close links into the development team. After all, this is Starling’s forum, designed to foster real-time feedback as features emerge as well as seeking ideas around ‘what next?’.

The Monzo forum (@city_agent’s point) is more strictly managed, though the links into their development team is less obvious.

This needs careful handling, but the reality is the forum is inevitably evolving.


Totally agree with Graham. I think fourm needs bit more administration and those admins could be from the community - I must say Graham seems to be more active and in-the-know than most so dare i say Graham could help manage fourm.

I also agree Monzo is maintained much more proactively and posts get merged and cleaned up quickly. We should learn from anyone doing better and improve.


Agreed, some community moderation would be beneficial, particularly in the Ideas section. Though @JamesPratley is doing a stand up job, I’m sure he’d appreciate a hand.


I agree too! I would greatly appreciate that help.

Who would be interested in this? :slight_smile:


I’d be happy to help out, I seem to spend far too much time on the forums as it is, might as well do something even more constructive!


I would be happy to help as well. :slight_smile:


Likewise @JamesPratley
I’m happy to help if need be.


A great move. It’s a recognition of how important the community has become.


I would be happy to help.


Thanks everyone - I’m now testing a solution and will update you soon :slight_smile:


I can see @Graham has guru badge. :+1::wave:

It’s great to see so many people wanting to help but I think main challenge will be how much info Starling is prepared to give moderators to make a difference


Yeah, I’m happy to help out. I think I’m the one who suggested moderators in the first place! :wink:


Well done @Graham for the guru badge and well deserved. Graham I believe is one of the most helpful on here and original people on the forum back in June.