Reoccurring Payment to Goals


So I thiught maybe a good idea, could we set up say £50 a month and it automatically allocates to your goals? So I could automatically save from my wages? Anyone think this would be a good idea? :laughing:

What are you saving for with Starling Goals? 💰

A standing order/internal transfer?

Good idea.


Correct yep :blush:


You can do this on the Android app, is it not available in iOS?


How Chalky?


I guess that would need an individual account number(s), but they don’t seem to have those?


When you add money does it not have a When field underneath?


Not that I see on iOS. It’s add your amount, press add and that’s it?!


As @Chalky says, after clicking “Add Money”, there’s a “When” field in the Android app, and this allows you to schedule payments into the goal


Just looked on the future Mrs’ iPhone and it looks like iOS doesn’t have this yet. Sorry guys!


Definitely not there in the iOS version?

Why would this option be omitted from iOS? Why are iOS and Android functions different? It’s very annoying that they’re not standard.


I’m guessing that it’ll be fixed in the upcoming revamp of Payments on iOS


By the time that update comes I could be drawing my pension!

Besides, why wouldn’t this be included within the Goals section like in Android?

I may give up waiting and look elsewhere. The whole payments thing is getting to be a real pain.


Scheduling payments is task no. 1 in the list of future tasks for Goals. Unfortunately it did not make it into the initial release.


Seems very odd how they have added to android but not apple! Hmm


It does seem to be a recurring theme, rushing out a nearly finished product.

The basic app lacks the payment reference being saved, plus a few other things which should have been included from the start. Despite promises this still hasn’t been addressed. I feel that this will end up the same way.

Why rush these things? Just get them right first time, trying to rectify this after the event is the pain.

The payments screen is a real mix match and not thought through. If anyone had bothered to look at First Direct for instance would see how clean, simple and easy it could have been. Now why is iOS and Android different? Do the separate development teams not talk to each other?


Agree with you 100% does seem a little rushed, seems like each month they are bringing something new to the table… I have a current account with Monzo and they are going slow and steady but maybe that’s better for something to succeed well? Don’t get me wrong it’s lovely seeing updates alot with new added / nearly done updates but would much rather wait and have a more fluid and stable update than a rushed one. I thought there focus was on ios first and then android seems like they are giving more devotion to android either that or like you suggested different tech teams and Android ones are more in depth. The update for iOS from today is good but a shame that android gets added features that we don’t - should be the same app for both users to an extent also I haven’t used first direct but alot do say good things and people highly recommend.


First Direct/Lloyds, both offer a clean really user interface. The Lloyds app is streets ahead in extra features. With Lloyds you can open a regular saver (amongst other things) and transfer money over without any fuss, opening an account takes 2 minutes and the payments screen is a model of ease. So Starling should have a quick look at Lloyds if they need any ideas!


I don’t agree that this feels rushed. I think it’s perfectly reasonable for the team to release the goals feature for us to try out, make use of, and provide feedback on.

But I do agree there should be feature parity between platforms. My suggestion to the teams would be to take a little time ensuring both platforms have exactly the same functionality. And when new features are launched in the future, they are launched at the same time on both iOS and Android.

Cat and mouse is annoying to both camps. The Starling dev team will never please their customers if they continue releasing products and features at different paces to their different audiences.


I don’t think it is rushed, I think Monzo rushed by doing a pre-paid card. They may have many thousands of pre-paid card users, who have no clue they’re actually beta testing a bank account.

At least with Starling, we’re beta testing a bank account that actually offers Apple / Android Pay, has a switch service, and now has goals / ringfenced savings.

From what I’ve read, Starling are developing both Android and Apple nearly at the same time, it just happens this time that Android has a feature first.