Removing “Get another Starling account”



Are there any plans to remove this message in-app for people who have a personal and joint account?


I can’t see how they can remove it, how would you be able to open a new account further down the road if you wanted to.

However it doesn’t need to be so prominent. Unless there will be a limit to one joint account if you already have a joint account the message needs changing.


It could be made to look just like another item in the list, after a week or so. In a similar way the overdraft offer is handled after signing up for the account.


It’s a lot more inconspicuous on Android:


I would much prefer if it was more like the above Android solution or, even more disguised, in account management.

Which leads me to the fact it should be easier to find your account details. (Which are tucked away in account management.)


What do you mean when you say account details? Sort code and account number?


Correct @LauraJ. Sorry I wasn’t more clear.


This is readily available in the side panel (see arrow in screenshot). I think it’s pretty front and centre…


This is why I love Starling, they’re open and accepting to all. Even the likes of me with my cardboard question mark head, and you with your extreme pixelation disfigurement can feel a warm welcome and are free to be who we are.


The iOS version of the app is not as clear. You have to go into sub menus.


As @tim7 has already outlined there’s a lack of parity there between the android and iOS version.


If only it was for actually getting another account (not joint or business) :roll_eyes:


What would be the use case for a second account?


I have worked for employers that require you to have a separate account for your business expenses to that which receives your salary


I need a different account for expenses, a long complicated reason why, not compulsory, but 90% of employees use a separate account, for ease and it’s way faster than waiting for them to pay expenses with wages.


I feel like we’ve been over this a few times haha :wink:
There’s a ton of scenarios but there’s some more discussion on here

I just don’t believe forcing people to use one account when they don’t already is acceptable. Especially given starling have zero solution for this, STILL. And the proposed debits from goals doesn’t cut it either.

@anne - I do not believe that either you or all of the startling team manage with just one personal account. And i challenge you to pay the starling team weekly/fortnightly/four weekly etc (or any other odd payday). You’ll then see why a pay date that moves every month along with direct debits that dont make it a complete pain to manage out of one account. And if you’re going to sell/tempt me to another solution (aka goals or pots) it best be bloody available quicker then a year. Thats before i have to learn which goals it will steal from if i go over by accident. :no_good_man:

If you can do secondary business accounts and joint accounts you can provide second current accounts. And all the time these aren’t available it just says - we aren’t good enough to be your sole bank, use someone else.


It is a bit odd querying why people might want more than one account, especially when half of us are sitting here with Starling personal, Starling Business, Starling Joint, at least 1 legacy CA, a High St “challenger”,Monzo, Monese, Revolut, N26, Transferwise, Bunq, KBC, Curve (not an account i know, but still another debit card), or who knows what else in our wallets. Clearly people want for various reasons extra accounts, and while not all these get used constantly, plenty do, so it makes sense to be able to dump one of the others and bring even more of your banking to Starling.


Totally agree. Goals should be a bonus functionality, not a basic forced replacement for more than one account. Then people get the choice of how they want to bank.
(and if goals were all that why didn’t @anne force everyone use esavers and close second accounts when at AIB?!).


My question was simply a question, nothing more.


LOL! Perhaps i worded it badly if it seemed like it was referring to you specifically, it was rather late, and rather hot. I was just speaking generally O Great Wizard, i promise.