Reminder of How Bad Legacy Banks Are!


Tonight I’ve had to help my mother (late 60’s) register for Lloyds Internet Banking. She joined in the last week. OMG it was awful. After going through the full process, a phone number hasn’t been added to the account to we had to phone them to provide a reference number to sort it. After 25 mins on hold, we were told that they were unable to help because we were unable to provide security information about direct debits that had left the account. I reminded the employee that we couldn’t provide the info as we don’t have access to internet banking (hence the reason for the call). It was seriously frustrating. I understand security but when it get in the way of usability it’s just not right.

She’s uses Starling (after a personal recommendation) for her trips to the US, but as an old biddy, she likes to go to a bank and physically pay bills. I wish there was a way I could persuade her to use her Starling as her primary bank account, but I don’t think she can make the swap from old to new for her every day.

It’s reminded me as to how far Starling has come and how they’ve shaken up the industry. I’ve been frustrated and the pace at which the joint accounts are being developed, but after tonight, I realise that the best things come to those who wait.


Vastly Improved Customer Service


Following up on this, I’ve just had a terrible experience of Starling Customer Care - so perhaps Starling has its pros, but the service is well below that of FD that I’m used to personally.

I’ve just tried to load £250 via the app’s Apple Pay feature from my First Direct current account. It got a ‘Processing Payment’ and then ‘Payment Not Processed’ error.

This was very unusual and I use this feature all of the time so I contacted Customer Care this morning. Unhelpful wasn’t the word for it. Unfriendly, defensive and rude.

As there was a new update yesterday and thinking it might be linked to this, I suggested this to the advisor and this is the response. ‘How will this be Starlings daily if it’s between FD and Apple Pay’ seriously, not even interested in sorting the problem.

I’m really disappointed with this response. After reading about some terrible customer care recently, this has really surprised me and making me rethink my switch to Starling. So, maybe delete some of the positive comments I just posted above. In some respects, Starling are severely lagging behind some of the legacy banks. Starling, sort you customer care out - see FD for further details!


Sorry about that, Adrian.

I will grab the ticket quickly and read the whole chat so I can get some insight. From there I will see what’s happening and respond via that ticket.


Thanks. I’m interested as to how you feel Starling performed once you’ve read the very short conversation. Was my issue resolved and how the advisor dealt with my question. Please let me know.


I’ve had rude and unhelpful responses like this in the past as well inconsistent information. It is an area for improvement for sure. On the other hand my most recent interaction was great but I did have to chase 3 times over a few days and comment on here to get a response.


Hi @Ad13

We didn’t meet the standards we would normally set ourselves in this instance, and we can only apologise for your experience.

I know we’ve already responded to you in-app; we’re going to follow this up internally with the team.

This is definitely something we want to improve.


I like the approach to CS - "Internally, our phrase is treat every customer as if they were your gran. If you would do it for your gran, do it for the customer.”


These sorts of bad experiences are happening far to often! Starting to get a bit worrying!


@alexandra @LoganAllan

Thanks for the reply. I would like to say that I’ve contacted CC on many occasions and have received a consistently good level of care and have always been treated with respect and had my questions felt with in a professional manner.

Being dismissed and not even discussing the question / issue is unacceptable.

This is a serious cross roads for you Starling - be warned! Get this wrong and you’re a legacy bank with a dazzling app. FD have outstanding customer care and they’re reacting and will be snapping at your heels very soon. It’s only a matter of time before they catch up and then the USP will again be all about customer service rather than a shiny app.


Totally understand @Ad13.

I had a similar experience when contacting a merchant over the weekend (I asked a question, was ignored and got a passive-aggressive response back). It left me enraged.

We honestly don’t want to see anything like this happening at Starling.

We’re taking this seriously, please be assured of that.


Please just cascade and instill the level of care both yourself and Logan provide and I think you’ll be fine! Is cloning possible yet? :thinking:


Thank you for your support and understanding @Ad13!


As long as don’t tell customers they smell of wee, then that’s a great way of approaching customer care.


I tend not to imagine smothering my customers with a pillow to gain an inheritance. Perhaps i could just imagine smothering some customers instead?