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I review my spending every month, but what’s frustrating is that despite diligent tagging, some things default back to starlings “best guess” every month. This is despite being a monthly bill, and me manually tagging it as “bill”. Surely if I tag a retailer, for a specific amount, and the same transaction occurs 1 month later, the tag should be recalled? :slight_smile:

Remembering categories
Spending Insights: Your Thoughts

A prompt asking if you’d like to tag just this transacation, select multiples to change, change all future transactions or change all transactions would be much better and cover all use cases…


I would like the spending insights to be clever enough to see what I have set in previous month’s for payments where I have changed the category and then use this category for future payments. For example I have a series of direct debits for mortgage, council tax, gas and electric etc. When these come out in the spending insights they are classed in the general category, to me these are bills so I change the category each month to bills, I want the app the learn what I am doing and adapt to my personal requirements based off my history and start using the bills category for those. And obviously do something similar for others.


Agree with the principle but I’d love to be given the choice when editing a category - Do you want to change this for all future spend, a selection of historic spend or just this spend? This would cover many more use cases for different customers…



Love the app and customer service has been great so far! As a future improvement it would be good if the app retained some memory of the categories you select for payments.

For example, each time I visit the vets, my app defaults the payment to the ‘bills and services’ category, even though each time I have manually changed it to ‘pets’.

Hopefully this could be implemented in a future update!

Cheers :+1:


Yes, its a bit painful that you have to constantly, manually override the default categorisation.

It would be nice to elect to change single / change multiple / apply change to all future transaction categorisations. Yolt does this quite nicely.

People are going eventually stop using the categorisation because they cant keep up with re-assigning categories. After a few months, I am realising that I am less inclined to put in the effort to recategorise the many transactions that are not categorised according to my preferences (or sometimes just incorrectly). Its tedious work - and if you have a month’s worth of transactions to sift through, the repetition gets boring real quick.


Exactly that. I gave up at about 3 months. Especially when it was discovered that some transactions had defaulted back to their originals. It wasn’t worth the effort, especially if the categories could change on their own and render the data unreliable.

It would be better if the new search facility had a bulk modification option for the results. At least it would be a bit easier. I could search for all DDs from a particular vendor and categorise them all at once.


Yolt will suggest a bulk update when you re-assign a single item. Its a very nice, intuitive workflow - which prompts you to keep your categorisation consistent.

Only issue with Yolt is that they don’t provide enough flexibility to do a selective bulk update (its all or nothing). E.g. when I want to separate my iCloud storage charges (Bills) from the iTunes movie purchases (Entertainment). I can spot which are which by their amount - but I can’t do a bulk change where I select all which are Bills or all which are Entertainment.