Remember Selected Merchant Categories


Occasionally when I check my spending, I choose to change the category a merchant comes under.

What would be useful, when doing that, is if all other and future spends at that merchant showed the category you changed it to, rather than you having to change every one and every time.

Just a thought.

Recategorization of transactions

Where with one retailer such as Tesco you may put petrol purchases under Transport but shopping at that same outlet under Groceries etc how would it know what to do. It is easier if we just do it ourselves particularly as different account holders may categorise the same expenditure differently (e.g. one may as Expenses) so it would need the bank annalysing our personal account history every time a transaction comes in.


Fair point.

Just an idea. Pros and cons either way, I guess.


and a good idea, that’s why it is great to have this community. and just because someone like me sees issues with an idea does not mean it isn’t something that Starling can take on board. So keep on posting!


the name of the transaction could help with this. im sure for pay pump transactions they often say pay pump in the transaction name. based on this it could be easy to auto sort them?


If we click on a merchant can it be possible to see all transactions relating to that merchant and a total spent.

Could be insightful or truly horrific :smiley:


Just found this thread after a quick search.

A lot of my direct debit bills are coming out as “general” and I’m having to change them manually to “bills”. Like my electricity and council tax, etc. As this is my first month of having DDs I’m unsure as to whether I’ll have to change them next month as well. But, by the sounds of the OP, I will.

Can someone please confirm this for me?

Thanks. :blush:


As with some of the comments above, my DDs that I pay always show as General each time they are paid even after I change category.

Is there a way to say the Categiry selection so it does not change? Or is this something you are looking at?


I believe this is coming in a future update.