"Remaining Overdraft" Balance Not Updating



I made a Debit Card payment, which put me into my overdraft.

I received a notification saying my balance was “below £25”.

I tapped the notification to open the iOS app, the app opened, but the balance was still showing >£200 and the “Remaining Overdraft” still showed as the full £1000.

This is the first bug, why weren’t the balances refreshed when I opened the app? (it had been opened recently)

To try and refresh the balance, I swiped up to view the transactions, then swiped down on the list to refresh it. My balance now updated to show the correct figure (-£71). However, upon returning to the “Pulse” screen, despite the balance now showing correctly as “-£71”, it was still saying my “Remaining Overdraft” was the full “£1000”. This is the second bug.

I had to kill the app, and launch it fully again before it finally then showed the correct, remaining overdraft of “£929”.

I then transferred funds out of a goal, to bring my balance back up. But upon returning to the “pulse” screen, while my balance was now showing the new positive balance of £200, the “remaining overdraft” was still saying “£930”.

How can I trust these values if they don’t reliably refresh and there is no obvious way to refresh them?


I suspect your issue is related to: Transactions slow to update?