Refunds & Spending Insights


My spending insights is showing a negative spend, but only for this month. Or previous month’s are fine.

I think this happened since the update this morning.

Refunds and Spending Habits
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Itemised spending insights don't appear when total spending is negative

That looks very odd indeed, not least of which those values tot up to £85.73 and not -£636.88!

Daft question, but have you tried turning it off and on again? Well… kill the app and relaunching it?


Not getting this on iOS. Are you Android?

(Do Rob’s thing first) :grinning:


I’m not getting this either @graham, I’m on iOS. And from @KyleCraven1’s screen grab, he’s an iOS user too.


It’s the iOS app by the looks of it, as it has the bottom navigation bar. Sadly we don’t have this in Android yet.


OK for me on Android.


Can you please report to CS. I’m on iOS and not seeing this.


The root of the issue seems to be that I had an incoming payment of 722, which I then transferred to my other bank account. I imagine this plays a part in it. I’d expect the transfer to be an expense under ‘payments’ like they usually are, but it’s not there



Yep. I suggest you take this offline to CS. They’ll be best placed to assist.


Sorry - only just seen this one. :grimacing:

Have you been able to raise it with our CS team?


I’ve just raised the issue with them now, will let you know if it gets resolved


Ok so this is the reply I received:

This is because all card transactions are taken into account when calculating your spending, including refunds that are made.

The refund that you received from ‘Ava Fx’ will have caused your spending to go into negative, because the original transaction was made in September.

Your Faster Payments aren’t taken into account in your Spending, so the spending total then wasn’t made positive again.

Hope that clarifies that for you - please do let us know if there’s anything else we can help with!

It makes sense, but surely there’s an issue here? Fair enough, in my case it’s extreme as I received a £722 refund, but what if someone buys some clothes on the 28th October, then returns them on the 3rd November and is refunded, the spending insights for November are going to be incorrect. Let me know if anyone agrees with me or if I’m missing something here


Certainly, I’ll note this down Kyle!


You’re quite right, but programmatically I’m trying to figure out how refunds could be handled by Spending Insights so they make sense. The feature takes a month-by-month view of your spending on your card and your direct debits. I believe the easiest and most straightforward option would be to ignore refunds altogether; but doing so probably won’t please some.


But then if you buy a £800 phone at the beginning of the month and return it at the end it’ll still say you spent £800 on phones. I don’t think there is a clean solution to this :frowning:


Can refunds not go against the original transaction?

So if I buy a £30 item in October, return it in November, Octobers spending is reduced £30 and Novembers not affected? Or is there no link between the original transaction and the refund?


My guess would be no link.

You can spend £50 the times with a vendor and get a refund for£30, £10 from each time you went. Starling wouldn’t know what to do :frowning:


Newbie here - so please forgive me in advance.

I haven’t yet had a refund on my Starling account yet, so I am not sure how they are categorised. Do they show up as ‘payment received’? If, in the future, a feature is added where we can categorise incoming payments ourselves, then we could assign it to the same category? That way, a negative £800 transaction for a phone would be effectively ‘cancelled’ by a positive £800 transaction - leaving the NET amount as £0.

However, saying that, having the refund take place in a different month complicates things as Kyle mentions above. Maybe an additional option could be to have the CS team change the date of the transaction only for the spending insights (the actual banking transaction date doesn’t have to change). But that would then mean each transaction needs to have two dates - one banking and one used for insights. It definitely is a tough one!



This might not be a bug…tobe honest I have no idea yet but today for example I spent £3.99 at KFC…however I waited to long so asked for a refund because I had a meeting to get to.

When I get this £3.99 refund…will it minus it from my “Eating Out” target? This is something I am actively monitoring to cut down on :smiley: :smiley: