Refund Tracing


Hoping someone with a bit of knowledge can help me out here.

I had a credit on a closed AMEX account (Amazon refund - grr). AMEX sent the credit to my Starling account via bank transfer on the 8th April (9 working days ago).

AMEX won’t do anything until it’s been 10 working days, but wondered if anyone knew why it hasn’t come through to my Staring account - Or indeed, if this has happened to anyone else?

There is a very small chance it’ll arrive tomorrow - But I’m not holding my breath!



For international payments (SWIFT and SEPA) requesting a copy of the MT103 provides all the information another bank will need to attempt to trace the location of a funds transfer. I am not sure what code or form is used for inland faster payments scheme or BACS credit transfers. Have you raised this query with Starling customer service thru your app? If not, can @StarlingSupport please assist.


Thanks @MIROW.

I have spoken with Starling (on the phone).

The lady said she’d need an email from AMEX showing that the payment had been made to that account.

AMEX said they couldn’t send any emails, and the only thing they could do would be to send a statement (via post) showing the credit was paid (but not to a specific bank account).

Neither particularly helpful.


Showing a statement doesn’t prove to Starling that the money was sent, it only proves they have taken it off your account.

Forms like an MT103 detail date and time of transmission of funds and any references used and if any intermediary bank was used.

You could always ask AMEX to confirm what bank it sent from (Amex have a couple of entities), what time it sent, did they send it direct or via an intermediary, is there any code or reference associated with the payment.

Once you know the time it may help in tracing also if they sent it via another bank Starling may be able to message them asking for their assistance in tracing.



Thanks Richard,

I was conscious that there may be issues in American Express sending the payment through to Starling, but wanted to try it anyway.

Should have used my FD account!


Just a quick update on this.

It turns out American Express had a “Bank Transfer issue” over 2 days, which resulted in this problem.

It’s still not resolved, but it does look like the issue was with them, and not Starling :slight_smile:


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