Refund query


Just looking for clarification on how Starling notifies any form of merchant refund.

I bought an item from for £99 purchased online using my Starling card. Prior to purchase, I had already contacted AO by email and they agreed to price match the product against a competitor which I had found £10.01 cheaper. After the transaction, I phoned AO and they confirmed the price match and informed me the difference would be refunded against my Starling card.

I notice that in my list of purchases, the price originally charged on my card has reduced by £10.01, however there was no notification of the refund. This is not something I am used to, rather I am used to seeing an actual refund amount against the card in the statement list. Is this something I should always expect, no notification, just an adjusted amount against the original card purchase? Or did this event occur because I quite literally immediately after the online purchase spoke with AO and because the payment was still ‘pending’ and the customer services rep actioned the adjustment straight away, the refund was applied before the confirmed payment completed fully? Just curious!


If the payment is pending, a retailer can charge a different amount providing they haven’t actually put the transaction through as complete. AO like most big companies, authorise the amount but don’t finalise it straight away, normally because you can cancel before delivery etc.

So technically it’s not a refund, they have just amended the original pending payment, to the correct amount.