Refund notifications


I’m certain this had been asked before but can’t find the original post.
I’m currently not getting any notifications for refunds, I have to keep going into the app and checking to see if it’s there or not.
Is there a plan to add this?


I agree, this would be highly useful as we can’t search ‘Money In’ transactions like you can with Monzo.


I want this too please.


I would also appreciate this feature :heart_eyes:


I agree, this would be a really useful feature.


Great idea - I’ll add this to our list! :smiley:


I’d love this too. When I returned from holiday after Xmas I was awaiting the car rental place refunding my deposit. My only solution was to check the Starling app every day :frowning:


Would you be able to publicly share your ‘list’ so we know what starling will be considering working on? Thanks


Great idea. They’ve said their ‘strategic’ goals, like Europe and Business Accounts etc., but I’d be really interested to know what’s coming next in the app, even if it’s just small things.


You can see more details about what we’re working on in this blog! :smiley:


I already saw that but was hoping for a view of things to come even further down the line.


I still want this please.


Me too i just had this and was waiting for it to appear when it already had but just not told me!