Refund Merchant Name Wrong



Just a query about procedure. This is from back when we used to file merchant information updates to the forum thread. I misfiled one, the screenshots ended up going in the wrong way around. I bought the next day after I noticed the changes (speedy updates - like) but the thread closed around the same time. As such I notified customer services and they said they’d pass it on. However almost a month later no change, as such a refund from West Midlands Railway is labelled as a local pub. Screenshot below.

My question is how long should it take to sort this sort of thing? After all we can’t file merchant updates on money into bank accounts.


Thanks for getting in touch @Mike_Chorlton - we changed this merchant several weeks ago to West Midlands Railway.

I’ll raise this as a bug, as we can see the correct details at our end. Thanks for flagging this with us.